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"Apple" News

Android & iOS Lose 1% Of Their US Smartphone Market Share

[ 0 ] May 31, 2022

Android and iOS continue to be the most popular operating systems in the world; however both have had a slight blip over in the US, losing 1% of the dominating market shares between February and April.

Apple MacBook Air Limited Supplies: New 2011 Refresh Closer

Apple MacBook Air Limited Supplies: New 2011 Refresh Closer

[ 1 ] May 31, 2022

We’ve been very interested in developments and news about the new MacBook Air 2011 and we, along with many other tech sites, have been reporting on the likelihood of new models very soon. Yesterday we told about Apple price cuts on the current Air and today we have news of limited supplies meaning the release…

Apple iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 Clarification & Release Dates

[ 0 ] May 31, 2022

When it comes to the next iPhone there have been a number of rumors flying around and some of them will be true whilst others are absolute tosh. So what do you believe? To be quite honest Apple is pretty impressive at keeping things under wraps but with WWDC just around the corner there’s a…

iPhone 5 2011 What’s In Store: Nexus S Immitation Or Not?

[ 0 ] May 30, 2022

At the moment we are at the height of an Apple/Samsung battle, with both major manufacturers claiming the other is stealing design ideas from them. Rumors are circulating stating that Apple’s fifth gen iPhone could bare a shocking similarity to that of the Samsung Nexus S.

New MacBook Air 2011 Release Soon? Price Cuts Refresh Hint

[ 1 ] May 30, 2022

We know that many of you, like us, are avidly waiting for news about the new MacBook Air 2011 and we have had many comments to our previous articles hoping for news soon. While the news today isn’t solid we hope it’s a hint at least that the refresh is coming soon as we’ve heard…

IDAPT i4 Charge Up To 4 Devices At Once: Hands-On

[ 0 ] May 29, 2022

Back in February we brought you news about a new charging station by the name of Idapt i2+ allowing you to charge up to three devices at any one time. The idea, something of which was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, was to stop the burden of trying to charge one device…

Apple MacBook Air Vs iPad 2: Laptop, Tablet or Both

[ 3 ] May 29, 2022

Now here’s an interesting dilemma. As tablets such as the iPad grow more prevalent, many people are supplementing their laptops by purchasing a tablet device too, but is this really necessary. Do we need a laptop or tablet, or possibly both? We have news of an interesting look at the Apple MacBook Air vs. the…

Apple iPhone 5 (4S) & iPad 3 Demanded by Samsung: Fighting Back

[ 0 ] May 29, 2022

It seems that the ongoing legal hostility between Apple and Samsung is set to deepen as the two tech giants head towards one enormous face-off. You may remember how we told you last week that Apple was granted access by a judge to upcoming Samsung prototypes and now it seems that Samsung is fighting back…

Apple iPhone 5 (or 4S) Recent Rumor Roundup Including Release

[ 1 ] May 28, 2022

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the subject of much discussion, news and speculation and we know that many of you are eager to hear more about when the next-generation iPhone may be released. However there may be a bit longer to wait yet and we thought it would be interesting to give you…

iOS 5.0: Notifications Shake Up & Widgets Like Android

[ 0 ] May 28, 2022

With the smartphone market booming one of the big events that’s not very far away is Apple’s WWDC and the hype has been building for quite a while now. Many people are speculating that there will and won’t be a new Apple iPhone appearance and Apple themselves have said that this is a software only…

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