New Apple TV on way, current price reduced


We recently reported on a new TV from electronics giant Sony, in a bid to prepare itself for an Apple attack. With plans in the making for reinventing the way we watch TV, it is rumored that the Cali firm is working on a completely new standalone set, although this is not likely to be seen before … [Read more...]

Apple TV Set Late 2012: Possibility of LG 55-inch OLED display


Way back in February we first told you of rumors of a new Apple TV and by that we don’t mean the set-top black box known as Apple TV but an actual full-sized television set. Then in April we heard further rumors of an Apple Internet-connected HDTV set by the end of 2011. Now we have heard further … [Read more...]

Apple TV Gets 4.2.1 Update: Say Goodbye To Flickering Screens


It seems lately that all of Apple’s products have been experiencing some technical difficulties, first it was 4th Gen iPod touches that had an issue with IOS 4.3 then it was the new MacBook Pro whose screen kept freezing. … [Read more...]

Apple TV Flicker Problem: Software Rectification On The Way


A couple of days ago we reported on an issue batted around Apple’s support forum regarding flicker problems after downloading the latest software upgrade for Apple TV. … [Read more...]

Apple TV software update 4.1.1 : Fixes glitches or does it?


Since the new Apple TV was released back in September the set-top box has sold better than even Apple’s expectations with sales now of around 250,000 of the $99 device. It’s fair to say though that although it has been successful it has not been without its problems. … [Read more...]

Content-delivery personality: Which TV box is for you?


If you’re into home entertainment and are tempted by one of the latest set top boxes but haven’t a clue which to choose then we’ve found a cleverly written article that could really help you make the right choice. It’s a quiz done in a very light-hearted and amusing way but the final results could … [Read more...]

6 Internet Media Players to Consider


HD media players may not be as well published as they should be, quite a lot of the time if I'm talking to friends that aren’t that interested in home entertainment, they aren’t aware that these things even exist. This is a shame because the little devices have such a lot to offer, in streaming … [Read more...]

Boxee Box Announce Netflix & Hulu Plus Coming Soon


Boxee Box has announced at it's U.S. and Canada launch event, that it will begin shipping with support from Netflix Streaming joining hopefully by the end of the year and Hulu Plus after that. Users to the Boxee Box will still be able to rent movies via the Vudu service. … [Read more...]

Apple TV Shipping Started: 2-week delay for UK


For those of you out there who are eagerly awaiting delivery of the new Apple TV, recent news has been announced today that you may have to wait a little longer to receive it. Daniel at PR News has confirmed that Apple are shipping the new TV out to UK customers, as from this morning, he received … [Read more...]

New Apple TV Shipping Soon For Pre-orders

New Apple TV Shipping Soon For Pre-orders

If you were one of the people who pre-ordered your new Apple TV unit when it was first announced back on September 1st during the Apple Media Event, we have some really good news for you. It looks like you’ll have your new device very soon. … [Read more...]

Apple Media Event September 7: iTV, iPod Touch Expectations

Apple Media Event September 7- Expectations

Bloomberg covered a huge piece all about how Apple aims to offer TV shows for just 99 cents, but what they failed to mention was an Apple Media Event scheduled for September 7th, that’s according to Arnold Kim from Mac Rumors. Expectations are very high, as we all hope to not only see the new iPod … [Read more...]