Eton Soulra XL: Solar Powered iPod Dock


If you’re anything like us here at OSM then you to may be a very big fan of Apple products, if you chose to venture into the world of Apple and acquire yourself an iPhone or iPod device keep reading as we have some news on an amazing accessory to accompany your new piece of kit. … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen Leaked: Real Or Fake


When it comes to Apple and their hardware you can never really tell what is coming or when, you only have to look back at the iPad 2 where nobody really knew for sure it was coming. It’s a similar situation with their new Thunderbolt peripheral; nobody even heard a peep until it was upon us … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 4, iPad & iPod Touch: USB/HDMI Adapter


Of the Apple devices that are on the market one of the frustrations that there’s been is the lack of a USB port and no HDMI out. Well for the Apple iPhone 4, iPad & iPod Touch (4th Gen) a USB/HDMI adapter is now available from Hanwha and we want to know your thoughts on it … [Read more...]

iPod, iPad & iPhone iOS 4.3 Update: Battery Issues Resolved


When it comes to the new iOS 4.3 there have been a lot of complaints about the reduction in battery life, you can check out an article by OSM’s Debbie Turner where she reports on the problem as well as asking all of you what other issues have been noticed and on what devices? … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad: Another Release Date


Apple needs to do something to start steering the attention away from Android since they unveiled Honeycomb 3.0 at the Google Event and what better way to deflect the interest away from your main competitor (other than releasing a new product) than to release the new iOS … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Player: Pre-Order Now From Amazon


Just after Christmas 2010, we reported on news of a new device rumored to be Apple's iPod Touch competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Player. At that time, it was difficult to really give you any idea of price along with release date, but today that is all about to change thanks to the guys over at … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Samsung Galaxy Player To Debut: iPod Touch Competitor?


With just over a week to go until one of the biggest electronic shows opens its doors, yes we are talking about the CES 2011, there is plenty to look forward to. Right up until Christmas, we brought you the latest up to date news on tablet devices and smartphones through to the latest 3DTV's. … [Read more...]

New Potato Technologies TuneLink for iOS Devices


Well here is another accessory for the iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch, this time it is an FM transmitter. Now I don’t know about you guys, but if you have ever used one, when you around town you may as well not bother having it. So what makes this one special … [Read more...]

Remote Desktop: Windows On iPhone With Splashtop


There is an app called Splashtop on the Apple store for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone that will allow you to remotely control your PC at home. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it. You could be out on the move and when you get to a WiFi zone, you can tap into your Microsoft PC at home and browse through … [Read more...]

Walmart Black Friday 2010 Ads Feature 8GB iPod Touch


As part of Black Friday 2010, Walmart has advertised Apple’s latest iPod Touch 8GB for the $225. This deal was found though’s Black Friday listings. … [Read more...]