Twitter remembers Radio 1 DJ John Peel

Online social networking site Twitter since its launch back in 2006, is now home to some 200 million plus users, and is shared with celebrities as well as the likes of you and us. … [Read more...]

Gumby’s 50th & Creator’s 90th Admired With Google Doodle

One of our favorite pieces of news that we often write about, is that of search engine Google and its impressive Google Doodles. Celebrating an individual's birthday, a yearly event such as Halloween, an anniversary, the death of a great name such as Apple's Steve Jobs who passed away last week are … [Read more...]

Twitter Remembers 9/11 On This Poignant Day

Today we remember those that lost their lives of the 9/11 attacks across the United States of America. Four hijacked planes crashed, two of which were deliberately slammed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon and one crashed in Shanksville, Pennylvania, which were to change the Nation … [Read more...]

Human Space Flight: Google Launches Yuri Gagarin 50 Year Doodle

Here at OSM, one of the enjoyable items we like to report on is none other than Google Doodles. In recent weeks we have brought you one on the 200th anniversary of chemist Robert Bunsen and his invention the Bunsen Burner, the history of the Ice Cream Sundae, escape artist and magician Harry … [Read more...]

Twitter’s 5th Birthday: New Site & Celebratory Video

As you may know, today is Twitter's 5th birthday and to celebrate they have launched a new look website and YouTube video to mark the occassion. … [Read more...]

Facebook Event: New HQ Announcement?


Facebook has started to distribute invitations for its big event next Tuesday which is likely to be when they announce they are moving to new headquarters. … [Read more...]

Nintendo DSi Orange & Green Mario Party Bundles: In Time For November 26

At the end of last month, Europe had the wow factor as the Red Edition Anniversary Wii was launched in celebration of 25 years of Super Mario Bros. Previous to that Japan also revelled in this. Up until today, America has been waiting in the wings for new developments. Here at OSM we can give you … [Read more...]

Red Nintendo Wii Bundle: Japanese Release Only, Not U.S


In celebration of Mario Bros 25th birthday, Japanese fans can show their love of the little Italian, by purchasing one of the Anniversary Edition red Wii consoles. As an addition to the repainted Dsi and Dsi LL handhelds, the Wii red comes as a bundle with a matching Wii Plus controller and … [Read more...]

The Flintstones: Facebook celebrates 50th anniversary


Today is the 50th anniversary of the Flintstones and the day is being marked by Google with one of its Google Doodle’s depicting the Flintstones in the usual cartoon style. Other recent Google Doodle’s have been for Google’s own 12th birthday celebrations as well as one that marked the … [Read more...]