Machines play Angry Birds

You may remember a few days ago that Rovio released a video trailer of their limited edition 2011 Halloween Angry Birds game. The trailer never gave much away, but now we know that there is a new character and also new surprises when you complete all 30 levels. We have to wonder if a robot will be … [Read more...]

Halloween is Pumpkin season and new Angry Birds time

Just a few days ago we informed you of a new Angry birds to release this Halloween, making it not only the time for a nice Pumpkin, but also one for some good fun playing a new game, just what the die-hard Angry Bird fans need.That post showed a sneak peek at the new Halloween Angry Birds, … [Read more...]

New for 2011: Angry Birds Halloween

There is not long to go until October 31, and it’s not only a time when kids dress up to try and get candy from the neighbors, but also a time when new games get launched. However, the one that most iOS and Android users are looking forward to the most is the new Angry Birds Halloween Edition for … [Read more...]

The Angry Birds Rap: Brilliant YouTube Viral Video


In the words of UFC’s Bruce Buffer… Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time! That’s right, we have another YouTube viral video to tell you all about and this one is a cracker. It combines two great things that we have in this day and age, Angry Birds and YouTube. The title of the video is “The … [Read more...]

Social Street Gaming: Angry Birds May Come To Starbucks

An unlikely partnership could soon be formed, smash hit game Angry Birds and coffee giant Starbucks. Rovio who develop the game are reportedly in talks with Starbucks over a deal which could see Angry Birds as a playable game on large displays installed in participating outlets. What better way to … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Flinging Phenomenon: INFOGRAPHIC Shows

Here at Online Social Media, Angry Birds, the bird/pig flinging game is a hit for us and for some time we've brought you a variety of news be it, special editions, extra levels, plush toys and so on. Developed from Finnish computer game company “Rovio,” the very popular and addictive game is … [Read more...]

5 Of YouTube’s Best Viral Ads: New Old Spice Guy Included

YouTube is the place where viral videos are born, being passed around endlessly. Social media has caused far more viral videos to surface and we are now going to round up 5 in particular that done well last month. Naturally YouTube is all about the community and home made videos regularly attract … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Slingshots Over To Windows Phone 7 For $2.99

The big wait is finally over for Windows Phone 7 owners who wanted to get their hands on Angry Birds. Rovio's record breaking app has constantly been delayed on Microsoft's OS, leaving many a user frustrated. The game is ready to download now, but the payment system is different from that of … [Read more...]

Rovio Launches Angry Birds Facebook Shop

One of the great things about our new smartphones is the fact that we can play games on them. Not just one type of game, all sorts of them. We have seen some that have pretty impressive graphics in a Grand Theft Auto style as well as the ever popular Angry Birds series … [Read more...]

Phone Charging Via Touchscreen Possible- Play Angry Birds?

Don't you just hate being out and about and running out of battery? If only there was a way you could walk around the shops and charge up your smartphone, short of wires and a spare battery. Well there may soon be a way. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Summer Pignic: Coming Soon - Trailer

The global phenomenon that is Angry Birds is getting better and better as it continues to keep people completely addicted to flinging birds at pigs. We have just learned through their Facebook page that the Angry Birds Seasons summer update will be coming soon and it’s called “Summer Pignic.” … [Read more...]

Brand New Angry Birds Update: Mine and Dine - Now Live

When it comes to Angry Birds we have added a few reports in the last little while, some of them include the Angry Birds Live YouTube clip inspired by T-Mobile, Rovio launching an egg based cookery book and of course the latest Angry Birds Rio carnival update … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Live: Inspired By T-Mobile With Video

Two things that we love at OSM are Angry Birds and YouTube viral videos. Some of the recent clips include the Final Fantasy 7 stop motion movie, Justin Bieber featuring in “Will It Blend” and of course the latest Epic Meal Time – Epic Hors D’Oeurves … [Read more...]

Rovio Launching Egg Based Angry Birds Cookery Book

Here at OSM we regularly keep you updated with all the latest news from the world of Angry Birds. We recently told you that Angry Birds magic would be coming with NFC features, that a carnival update for Rio was available and we also showed you a range of Angry Birds styled docking stations and … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Rio Carnival Update Available Now

Attention all Angry Birds fans, we have some news for you that you will definitely want to know about. The latest Angry Birds Rio Carnival update is available now for you all to download and play through the additional levels … [Read more...]

Gear 4 Launching Angry Birds Docks & Speakers For iDevices

If you are the proud owner of one of Apple's devices and have a love for Angry Birds like the rest of us, then you may just be thrilled with what Gear 4 has coming out. A selection of Angry Birds themed speakers and docks have taken flight and are getting ready to land in stores later this year. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Magic: Unlock & Share New Levels With NFC

With all of the hype surrounding NFC this week, we have attempted to keep you informed on stories like the Android release and the lawsuit filed by PayPal claiming that Google stole their idea. We now have some more cheerful news as NFC is being used as a new feature in the upcoming Angry Birds … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Blasts The 200 Million Downloads Landmark

Angry Birds continues to amaze as it has now flown over 200 million download mountain. Rovio's smartphone app is arguably the most popular ever and is showing no signs of letting up as it smashes its way through all kinds of mobile and gaming record books. … [Read more...]

WP7 Angry Birds Delayed By At Least A Month

A delay to anything is bad enough... but when it is to the biggest ever smartphone game to your mobile then you have reason to angry. It is Rovio's Angry Birds which has been the victim of a delay on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley Update Hits Android Market

Angry Birds has become a bit of a phenomenon with different versions of the popular game that started out life on the iOS popping up left right and centre. Already we have seen the original game as well as Angry Birds Seasons and of course the latest one being Angry Birds Rio … [Read more...]

Record Breakers: Angry Birds & App Store Enter Guinness’s Book

Its the same old suspects again... Angry Birds and Apple have broken more records in the mobile phone industry and have been rewarded by taking a place in the Gamer's Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Rio Update Now Live: Beach Volley Available

Something that we have been reporting on recently is Angry Birds and the new update that has been on the cards for Rio. We first reported that the Rio update was revealed on Facebook and then there was a gameplay YouTube clip that we found and today we have some great news for you … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Hits Google Chrome Via Chrome Web Store

If there’s one thing that this world loves its Angry Birds, we have seen all sorts of versions of it including the most recent Angry Birds Rio which is due an update any time soon. There’s a viral video going around that shows off some of the new levels that you can expect to see but now we have … [Read more...]

Man Vs. Machine: The Contest… Angry Birds

We have reported many YouTube viral videos in recent times; normally they are ones that make you laugh like the Sexy Sax Man, the 6Ft Water Balloon blowing up in slow motion or the Ultimate Dog Tease that swept the nation. Now we have something else that we are sure will start to get more and more … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley Gameplay Trailer: Live On YouTube

Angry Birds has become one of the biggest games this world has ever seen. It started out on the Apple iPhone and has now moved across a number of different platforms with a range of different versions of their popular game. Not only that but it has become a bit of a craze throughout the world in … [Read more...]