Amazon’s Android Tab Could Launch In Late August


Talk of Amazon's Android based tablet has been rife, with all sorts of specifications and features being suggested. Many are wondering when we will see the table launched, but some well placed sources have hinted at a release in the latter stages of August. … [Read more...]

Walmart Vs Amazon In Retail Showdown: Bananas Vs Kindle


We do enjoy a good infographic here at OSM and recent examples we’ve brought you have been one about the ‘Weinergate’ effect, whereby Congress members have been tweeting less, another about the evolution of Foursquare and another about the mobile app world. Today’s infographic is a fascinating … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 US Release Soon: Cases Spotted With Major Retailer


For some months now, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been the talk of the smartphone market, but for many the time has come when you can now pick up your new handset. If only this was the case for everybody, the poor US is still waiting for the Samsung to arrive. Just recently we gave you news that the … [Read more...]

Amazon Tablet Codenamed Hollywood: Free Movie Streaming


Back in May we told readers about rumors regarding Amazon joining the tablet market and there was speculation that two tablets, the Hollywood and the Coyote, may be available by the end of the year. Today we have further news on the Amazon tablet codenamed Hollywood as it seems it may feature free … [Read more...]

LG Optimus 3D Release News: June 20 for UK

Way back in February we took a look at upcoming Android smartphones and compiled a roundup of some of the best and one of the handsets we featured was the LG Optimus 3D, a glasses-free 3D phone. We now have news for you of its release in the U.K. and there’s not too much longer to wait. … [Read more...]

HTC EVO 3D At Amazon: Official 24th June Release


At the end of last month, we gave you news about one of the hottest smartphones to come out of this year so far, that of the HTC EVO 3D. Although not released, it has still managed to stir up a fair amount of interest amongst others including the Samsung Galaxy S2, iPhone 5, Motorola Droid Bionic … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) US Release News: On Amazon US Unlocked


We’ve been bringing you news thick and fast about the Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II Android smartphone and one of the questions we’re asked most at the moment is about release news for the U.S. At the weekend we told you about a rumored release date on Sprint in late July but today we have heard that … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs & iSteve Biography: Amazon Taking Pre-Orders Now


Today is a huge day for Apple, the giant tech company, as Apple’s WWDC 2011 begins with Steve Jobs due to make the keynote speech later on and many people waiting to see what new Apple innovations we will hear about over the next week. It’s also a big day for Steve Jobs on a personal level as Amazon … [Read more...]

Amazon “Big Name” Smartphone Sale: June 8th Finish

Are you still toying with the idea of getting a new smartphone, but not sure whether you can justify spending out your hard earned pennies? Today news may be about to change that. … [Read more...]

Amazon Launches The Mac Downloads Store


Amazon has just released its Mac Downloads Store, which will serve as a natural competitor to Apple's Mac App Store. … [Read more...]

HTC ChaCha Early Release: No June 26, Pre-Order Now


During the middle of February, we gave you news that a new mobile phone would be joining the large number on the current market, that of the HTC ChaCha. Before we refresh you on its specs, we wanted to tell you that the handset can now be pre-ordered with an even earlier release date than … [Read more...]

Download Lady Gaga’s New Album For $0.99 On Amazon


For all you little monsters out there who are desperately awaiting Lady Gaga's new album, "Born This Way", Amazon are dishing out a digital disc download for just $0.99! … [Read more...]

Apple’s Potential Music Deals Bring iCloud A Step Closer

Cloud based music services are becoming more and more in-demand and with most of Apple's rivals having launched one, it seems like the right time to bring out a version of their own. … [Read more...]

Will Amazon Join The Tablet Market?


With business booming in the busy tablet market, word is going round that the e-commerce giant Amazon will soon be joining in. … [Read more...]

HP Pre 3 Price of €449 or $640 - Release Date of June 30 Given

We like to keep our readers informed about the latest new smartphones available and back in April we gave you some details on the HP Pre 3 on Verizon with rumored news of a release date in the summer. Although a release date had still not confirmed as we wrote this we do have news of the price … [Read more...]

Amazon Server Used To Breach PSN


Since Sony’s PlayStation Network went down on the 20th April many people have been left with a wide range of mixed emotions, many of these people have given up on PSN which has resulted in a rise of second-hand PS3’s. As PSN is currently undergoing final testing in Japan, were people acting too … [Read more...]

Amazon Tops E-Retail Satisfaction Survey - Netflix Second


Recently we reported on Amazon’s business growth and then a few days ago told how Google topped a list of the US’s most reputable companies where Amazon came eighth. However today’s news concerns Amazon once again as a survey shows the company came out top for E-Retail satisfaction, with Netflix … [Read more...]

Amazon Business Expanding: Going After Massive Growth


It seems that despite first quarter earnings showing decreased income for Amazon, business is expanding and this appears to be the time that the company is going after massive growth. Sales were up by 38% although income was down, largely due to the expenditure involved in a hiring drive along with … [Read more...]

Amazon Bringing Kindle Library Lending To You Soon


With the increasingly rapid switch from paper books to electric amongst readers, libraries may be in fear of losing out on some business. Well maybe not, as in the US 11,000 libraries has announced they will be offering eBook lending courtesy of Amazon later on this year. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Seasons: Users Angered By Adverts

Angry Birds Rio

We here at Online Social Media love Angry Birds. Whether it be the most recent Angry Birds Rio, or the original smash hit, Angry Birds is a popular game and you can usually find it at the top of the charts on your Android phone, iPhone and Windows Phone 7 application marketplace of choice. … [Read more...]

Samsung Series 9 11-Inch Pre-Orders: Amazon price $1149


The Samsung Series 9 notebooks have impressed a lot of people with ultra-elegant design and high specs. Recently we gave you some news on the official price with online pre-orders available from Samsung but today we have heard that you can now order the Samsung Series 9 11-inch notebook through … [Read more...]

“Kindle With Special Offers” Available In US


Amazon's Kindle just got a little cheaper as it is being offered in a special deal which sees it being partly funded by advertising. … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 Amazon Release Already: No Way

There’s a very odd news story to report today about giant online retailer Amazon. Many of you are waiting for news about the Apple iPhone 5 release and recent rumors are that it is now expected later in the year, rather than around June or July, which is the time many anticipated. However according … [Read more...]

TDK Get Official With New Line Of Boombox - Your Thoughts?

We at OSM like to bring you some of the best sound systems that we find on the net, some of the ones we have added reports on include the speakers in your sneakers as well as the new Pioneer headphones that specialize in cancelling noise that come at a price … [Read more...]

Amazon & Facebook Ready To Take Down Google: Can It Happen?

The classic online battle between Google and Facebook rages on, with Amazon trying to get involved to shake things up a bit. We regularly talk about the new features these services roll out and how they impact their rivals. We have seen some changes from Facebook and Amazon recently that may hurt … [Read more...]