iPhone 4S battery life extremely short

We all welcomed the iPhone 4S, even though we were longing for the 5; we took the 4S under our wings and started to explore its new technology. But now it’s been out for a short while there seems to be a stirring of discontent in the undergrowth. … [Read more...]

iOS 5 Brings iPad 2 Controlled Gaming Via AirPlay Mirroring

You may have heard about Apple’s latest AirPlay Mirroring feature added on to their iOS 5, software, it was briefly mentioned at WWDC. If you haven’t then be prepared to be amazed, as this addition has got to be the latest must-have, and will no doubt boost the sales of Apple’s all conquering … [Read more...]

Its Official: iOS 4.3 Touches iPod, iPad, iPhone & Apple TV

When we reported on Apple’s event, Steve Jobs announced the arrival of their new iPad 2, he also brought forward the introduction of iOS 4.3. … [Read more...]

JBL On Air Wireless Speaker Dock: Added To AirPlay List


One of the features that got added to the iOS in the 4.2 update is AirPlay; this is a wireless connection to a device in your home using an Apple device such as an iPhone or an iPad via your home network. Now we are hearing that there is a JBL speaker dock that has been added to the AirPlay list of … [Read more...]

Apple & BridgeCo Introduce “AirPlay”


Last week at the Apple music event, some great new features have caught our eye. For those of you who have to have the latest gadgets and like to keep up with new developments then look no further! Apple have now announced “AirPlay”, a new feature that will allow music to stream to different … [Read more...]