Motorola Xoom: Adobe Step Up With Flash Player 10.2 Coming Soon


The Motorola Xoom other than the Apple iPad 2, will no doubt be one of the most talked about tablet devices of this year. This is not saying that for one moment others due to hit our shelves in the coming months will be equally if not better than these 2, take the PlayBook from Research in Motion, … [Read more...]

Possible iPhone 4G Release Delay over OS 4.0


It seems today that a delay may occur with the release of the new Apple iPhone 4G, rumored to be due for launch in June. Apparently Apple may be investigated by the Department of Justice or Federal Trade Commission and ZDNet suggest it may be because of a request by Adobe. … [Read more...]

Google to bundle Adobe Flash into Chrome


It’s certainly no secret that Apple and Google don’t get along these days. Now that relationship looks set to be strained even further with rumors that Google will collaborate with Adobe Flash by intending to bundle it with future builds of Google Chrome. … [Read more...]

HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash: Interesting Poll Results

html5 vs. flash

The tension between Apple and Adobe has been increasing week on week, and it reached an all time high in the last few weeks. This was helped when Apple unveiled details of their iPad/Tablet device, which made it clear that Flash was not on the menu. Apple has made it clear that they feel Flash is … [Read more...]