Mia Khalifa hot social media statistics

Mia Khalifa hot social media statistics pic 1

Mia Khalifa is taking the social media scene by storm at the moment, she is famous for making it as number one adult entertainment star for a certain website. Since the day she took the number one place as best adult entertainment star on a particular video website she has become a hot social … [Read more...]

Mia Khalifa images prompts Israeli star search

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Mia Khalifa is making a stamp on social media, and not just because she is a beautiful young lady who makes movies. She has just become an international relations topic courtesy of Israel’s Minister of Economy, leader of The Jewish Home party Naftali Bennett. Mia Khalifa posted onto her Twitter … [Read more...]

Mia Khalifa Twitter, Facebook pics and profession controversy

Mia Khalifa Twitter, Facebook pics, profession controversy

Mia Khalifa is causing somewhat of a stir on social media channels at the moment after becoming the number 1 star on a video sharing hub. But since she has been getting a lot of attention including love from her fans and death threats from the haters. The beautiful 21-year-old Lebanese actress is … [Read more...]

Amanda Bynes Comeback on Twitter: Do we care?


Amanda Bynes, 24, actress on upcoming romantic comedy "Easy A", has recently used online social networking site Twitter to let her fans know that she has decided for the time being to carry on with her acting career. It was only a month ago, Bynes tweeted that she was giving up her career. … [Read more...]