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"Sound System" News

New Nokia Speaker: Uses NFC & Bluetooth To Connect Your Phone

[ 0 ] June 21, 2021

Different audio devices are becoming more and more popular as are the different technological features that we are starting to see on smartphones. Now we have the new Nokia speaker that uses NFC & Bluetooth to connect with your phone which is pretty interesting

Speakers In Your Sneakers Return: Puma & Doom Flavor

[ 0 ] May 23, 2022

Remember back on March 3rd we added a report of a custom stereo system that took advantage of a pair of Nike Air Force 1s by adding a set of speakers into them? Well guess what? They are back and this time they are bigger, better and have been paired up with the most villainous…

50 Cent Sleek Headphones: Cancelled

[ 0 ] May 7, 2022

At OSM we like to report on various different types of headphones and sounds systems. Some of the recent reports have seen the Pioneer HDJ-500T-K multi-function headphones, the new line of old school boombox from TDK and of course the Justin Bieber flavored Monster beats. Now we have something else to tell you about. Cast…

TDK Get Official With New Line Of Boombox - Your Thoughts?

[ 0 ] April 4, 2022

We at OSM like to bring you some of the best sound systems that we find on the net, some of the ones we have added reports on include the speakers in your sneakers as well as the new Pioneer headphones that specialize in cancelling noise that come at a price

Speakers In Your Sneakers: Would You Want Them?

Speakers In Your Sneakers: Would You Want Them?

[ 0 ] March 3, 2022

We have recently been looking at customized devices such as the NES that has been turned into a high end machine but if you are looking for an intuitive and creative design for a sound system, then you might not find a better one than this

Sony iPhone Dock: HomeShare - WiFi Speakers Around Your Home

Sony iPhone Dock: HomeShare - WiFi Speakers Around Your Home

[ 0 ] January 6, 2022

Sony has been pretty busy in recent times especially with their TVs and smartphones, they have also showcased a prototype of a different kind of 3D viewing, and you can see that here. Now Sony is bringing something different to CES 2011. It’s called HomeShare