Google Plus teases iPad mini 2 leaked photos


Google Plus is certainly becoming the favorite social network for a number of our readers, but it is also a great place to find technology news and in this case iPad mini 2 leaked photos. The image you see on this page was published to Daniel Chubb’s Google Plus profile within the past 24 … [Read more...]

Google Plus Christmas gift is an update, well 24

Google Plus Christmas gift is an update, well 24

For those of you who use Google Plus, you will see that Christmas has come early because Google have decided to give their users all of their gifts on the same day. Today the social media service was treated to an update giving it a total of 24 updates in all, which form part of a new Google+ … [Read more...]

Warning, Google+ Pages comes with conditions


Social networking greatness has of course been observed from sites such as Facebook and Twitter already, but we still wonder how Google’s new Google+ networking site will fair against its rivals? From time to time we update you with changes to the site as well as practical advice. On the 24th … [Read more...]

Google+ apps support a priority

Google+ apps support a priority

Three is no denying that Google+ has an uphill struggle when it comes to competing with Facebook, but at least the service can draw upon the help of Google and their other platforms to help them on their quest to social networking greatness. We have now learned that Google+ will soon support the … [Read more...]

Google+ for business: Sign up for pages almost here

Google+ for business- Sign up for pages almost here

Google+ was launched on June 28, 2021 it was just invite only, but that was not the only strange thing. The new social project was only allowing personal accounts to be set up but not business. However, there were a handful of test pages set up, such as Ford (which you see above) and Mashable. Well … [Read more...]

Google+ lacks traction, aims to change focus

Traction worries for Google+, aims to change focus

When Google+ was first launched we wondered what would be so different from their previous social offerings. However, it did not take long to learn that this new Plus service (which is its common name) was a vast improvement. The issue that Google had was only offering it as an invite only, but it … [Read more...]

If you had to pay for Facebook, would you move to Google+?


The rumors have been circulating around Facebook especially since the F8 conference as we have pointed out in a previous article. But something we want to know from all of you, if you had to pay to use Facebook, would you move to Google+ or would you cough up the cash and carry on using Facebook? … [Read more...]

Google+ Verification Badges Roll Out


Here at OSM we’ve been following all the developments about Google+, the latest social networking site and one thing that we noted early on was that a verifications system was needed. Further to that we heard that Google would indeed launch a verifications system and validation process and today … [Read more...]

Google+ Games: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em


We have had a few days to deliberate and think about the latest update to the newest social network on the block, Google+. Now we want to know what you guys and girls out there are all thinking, Google+ games, do you love ‘em or hate ‘em? … [Read more...]

iPad & iPod Touch Get The Google+ App Treatment


As the Google+ bandwagon rolls on and on, it now brings an update to be accessible on more of your devices. The iPad and iPod touch are the latest gadgets to get Google's social circle treatment, adding to the iPhone and Android apps. Google's social network is still in the beta stage and now has … [Read more...]

Google+, Twitter or Facebook: Which Is Your Network Of Choice?


When it comes to social networking you now have a very diverse range of them that you can sign up to. They are all very different and when you think about Google+, Twitter and Facebook we want to know which your network of choice is? We will go through a few and point out their positive and negative … [Read more...]

Inviting Friends To Google+ Just Got Easier: How To


If you didn’t realize just how popular Google+ is already then check out our previous reports that say its hit 25 million users already as well as how at this rate its set to overtake Twitter and LinkedIn within a year. For those of you who still aren’t on there, Google has just made it easier … [Read more...]

Could Google+ Surpass Both Twitter & LinkedIn Within A Year?


As we all know social networking and social media have both become two of the biggest things on the Internet, Facebook boasts the most users with well over 500 million, Twitter has a large chunk too with more than 200 million and now we have Google+. With that being the case, we were wondering of … [Read more...]

Google+ Passes 25M Users: Impact On Facebook?


The launch of Google+ has been like a runaway train and it does not look like slowing down anytime soon. Google's social network has raced past the 25 million user mark, breaking a record as the fastest ever site to pass that milestone in the shortest amount of time, according to Tech Radar. Has … [Read more...]

Google Updates +1 Button To Make It 3X Quicker


Google has really been upping its social game recently, not only have they swiftly launched and improved Google+, they have also just rolled out an update to their Google +1 button. The +1 button which you may have noticed has made its way on to just about every web page, is now much faster. … [Read more...]

Google+ & Job Finding Hints: Potential To Seek Out


New social networking site Google+ which launched just recently has already racked up a massive 20 million if not more users in a very short time span. Already still in the beta stages and restrictions to joining such as being over 18 years of age and by invitation-only, the site's popularity just … [Read more...]

Google+ Users: 20 Million By The Weekend!


As many of our regular readers are aware we love to report on the latest news for the social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and of course the new one that everyone is talking about, Google+. Now we are hearing that the number of Google+ users should reach 20 million by the weekend … [Read more...]

Google+ Hits 18 Million Users: Can It Be Stopped?


The world of social networking has been turned upside down by Google and their latest bid to disrupt everyone with Google+. Already we have seen them destroy Yahoo to become the number 1 search engine, tackle Apple to have the most smartphones on their Google Android OS and now they have breached … [Read more...]

Google+ Verification System to be Added: Validation Process


The latest social network Google+, sometimes referred to as Google Plus, seems to be all the rage at the moment and we’ve written numerous articles on it already. Within a short time of release it had already gained millions of users but one of the things that we noted recently was that it needed … [Read more...]

Free Google+ App For iOS Doing Well: As Good As The Website?


Yesterday OSM’s Matt Tran reported that the iOS app had officially launched onto the iTunes App Store and that the Android version had been updated. With that being the case we were thinking a little more about the Free Google+ app for the iOS and we can see its doing well, but is it as good as … [Read more...]

Google+ (Plus) iPhone App Officialy Launched- Android Updated


The increasing success of Google's social network, "Google+" has prompted the launch of another app. It is Apple who are now introducing the social application in to their "App Store", something which of course Android has already done. More and more are hopping on to the "Google Plus" (depending … [Read more...]

Google+ Network Demands: Nobody Has Time Claims But Do You?


The latest social network Google+, sometimes referred to as Google Plus, has had a big impact already with over 10 million users after only two weeks. However when the initial enthusiasm wears off will the demands of Google+ be too much? This seems to be the opinion of LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner who … [Read more...]

Anonymous Make Social Network After Google Plus Rejection


The hacking group Anonymous are a well known organization throughout the world, although they have a largely negative reputation. As a firm that has a reputation amongst the world's leading websites, it is no wonder they are refused membership on most social networking sites. Google Plus were the … [Read more...]

Google+ (Plus) Take Downs: Verifications Needed


The newest social network, Google+, alternatively known as Google Plus, has really got people talking. We doubt that even the fine folk of Google could have predicted the amount of interest it has already gained with more than 10 million users in only two weeks. Today we have news though about some … [Read more...]