Satisfying Samsung Stratosphere review: All about the keyboard

It’s fair to say that 2011 has been the year for South Korean company Samsung. As well as the Galaxy Tab being introduced in other sizes, there has been the introduction of new TV’s, laptops and of course smartphones and today we wanted to look at yet another phone to hit the market, that of … [Read more...]

Secure your Motorola DROID RAZR, 27th October

Good news for those following Motorola’s revival of their RAZR branded handset. As of tomorrow Verizon will offer the new DROID for pre-order from 8am EST. Priced at $299.99 based on a 2 year contract, customers will be able to get their orders in at … [Read more...]

Verizon Droid Bionic vs New HTC Raider: 4G Battle Begins

As smartphone manufacturers battle it out for supremacy, more and more new devices are making their way to retailer shelves. Just recently Motorola's new Droid Bionic running on Verizon's network officially launched 2 weeks ago, despite consumers having to wait over nine months of having the … [Read more...]

Verizon Pantech Breakout “4G LTE”: Inexpensive Option

The word Pantech may be unfamiliar with many of you but around April/May time, we brought you news of a new mobile phone coming to market by the name of the Pantech Vega Racer, with another report shortly afterwards on a new Vega No.5. Both impressive in their own rights, but today a new addition … [Read more...]

Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic OFFICIALLY Here: Got Yours?

After months of waiting, well in fact nine months and 3 days if you want to be exact, for Motorola's Droid Bionic to finally make its entrance, we can now say its officially here. For those of you that have followed its humble beginnings until now, will know that the new handset has endured release … [Read more...]

Verizon Likely To Offer Samsung Droid Prime & Snub Galaxy S II LTE

For some time now the US has been eagerly awaiting Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone, the big question being whether it will support 4G LTE upon launch. It was confirmed that the handset would indeed come with 4G, the next big question being whether network giant Verizon would offer it? There has … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 May Support 4G LTE After All: Apple iOS 5 Code Hint

More and more details are slowly being unraveled from Apple's mystery iPhone 5, especially in terms of carriers and potential features. My colleague Debbie Turner recently reported to you that Sprint will be offering the upcoming device, but in mid October opposed to the expected September launch … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II US Launch: 4G LTE Support Or Not?

We are now in August and if the Samsung president is to be believed, the Galaxy S II smartphone will launch in the US this month. A majority of high end smartphones are now coming with super fast 4G LTE capabilities, but what about the Galaxy S II? Speculation about a 4G Galaxy 2 has been rife, … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Due on Verizon 4G LTE: Release July 28

We have to take our hats off to Samsung for being one of the few manufacturers so far to come up with a credible alternative for the Apple iPad and Sammy recently launched it’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in a bid to step up the competition. We told our readers when the Wi-Fi version went on sale but … [Read more...]

Others Will Be Left Standing by Motorola Droid Bionic: 4G LTE Verizon

We’ve not held back our enthusiasm for the Motorola Droid Bionic coming to Verizon and have written innumerable articles now in the long wait for its release. Most recently we’ve written about some further clues that back up those August 4 release rumors and looked at a comparison with the Apple … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 Price and 4G LTE Factor: Would Consumers Pay?

We seem to have been writing about the Apple iPhone 5 since the launch of the iPhone 4 last year and one of the aspects we’ve looked at is the price of the next iPhone. Back in January we asked readers how much they would pay for the iPhone 5 and more recently in June we then asked if the pricing … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 & 4G LTE: Consumer Split on Importance

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the subject of much discussion and speculation and only earlier today we told how it appears to be in final testing with a release set for September. Only a few days ago OSM’s Maddy Rowe also brought you news about the possibility of an iPhone 5 with 4G LTE. Now … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 4G LTE 2011 Now Possible: Would You Like To See It?

The rumors of the new iPhone 5 if called this, are still as strong as ever, despite its no show at Apple's WWDC event on Monday. There was a little glimmer of hope that CEO Steve Jobs would announce it but unfortunately not! Following on from this, our very own Debbie has brought us news that its … [Read more...]

Droid Charge vs LG Revolution: Conflicting Forces, Which One?

Are you having a hard time deciding what smartphone to buy with a choice of handsets as long as your arm, well in fact both arms? Trying to avoid the popular iPhone 4 and opting for something a little different? Since the start of this year, we have spoken about many devices particularly that of … [Read more...]

AT&T 4G LTE Network Launch Markets: 5 First & 10 More for 2011

As the launch of the AT&T 4G LTE network draws closer we’ve been reporting on some developments. Recently we told how early speed tests showed that AT&T’s LTE network was faster than Verizon’s LTE network and spoke of rumors of the network launch in June. We have news today about the … [Read more...]

AT&T Vs Verizon LTE Download Speeds: Surprising Results

We’ve already posted an article about Verizon today with regards to the iPhone 5 and now we have some news that shows surprising results about LTE speeds of AT&T and Verizon. Many have assumed, for whatever reason, that AT&T vs. Verizon LTE download speeds would show Verizon was quickest, … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 4G LTE for China Mobile: But When?

We’ve been bringing you all the news and speculation about the next-generation AppleiPhone for some time and as it may not be released until later this year, we asked earlier today what features might make the wait worthwhile. We’ve also spoken previously about the possibility of a 4G LTE … [Read more...]

Samsung Droid Charge Release Delayed? Verizon LTE Outage Concerns


We’ve been keeping readers informed about the Samsung Droid Charge on Verizon, which is due for release today and was originally dubbed the Stealth. However for those of you who intended to head out to pick one up today, you may want to check first that you’re not making an unnecessary journey. … [Read more...]

Verizon LTE Outage Continues: Customers Angry Over Lack of Info

Yesterday we gave you news about the Verizon 4G LTE outage across the U.S. We asked readers to let us know if they were affected and it soon became evident that this was a major widespread problem as we had comments from across the country. It appears that the Verizon LTE outage still continues … [Read more...]

Verizon LTE Network Outage 3G but not 4G: Are You Affected?

Every now and again, but not too often, we inform our readers of a Verizon outage and unfortunately today is one of those days. However it seems that the outage at present is only affecting the Verizon LTE Network and 3G but not 4G connectivity is available. … [Read more...]

Verizon Android Phones System: Now Shows Droid Bionic & More


We’ve been bringing you a lot of news about Verizon Wireless lately. We had a report about how the Verizon LTE network was fastest against Sprint’s WiMAX, then a look at the Apple iPhone 4 on both Verizon and AT&T; showing Verizon customers were more satisfied and suffered less dropped calls. … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Android 2.3 Coming In Q2: More Delays?

For many just over a week ago, brought a huge sigh of relief when the HTC Thunderbolt finally launched after countless release delays. The handset being the first to step out with Verizon's 4G LTE speedy network, has endured a small amount of teething problems and disappointment, although on the … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt vs Samsung Droid Charge: Desirability Decision

Choices choices, this is what most say to themselves when on the brink of exchanging their current phone for a newer model. Constant upgrades and increases in technology mean that we are spoilt for choice in the smartphone market. … [Read more...]

Droid Bionic vs Atrix 4G vs Droid Charge: 3 Of The Best


With the smartphone market hotting up on a monthly occurrence, its no doubt that for many of you, decisions are getting somewhat difficult with what phone to choose. Of course the iPhone 4/5 is and will no doubt be a popular choice for a large percentage of you, along with HTC's Thunderbolt running … [Read more...]

Samsung 4G LTE Droid Stealth: Pre-Order & Official Release

With the current smartphone market inundated with handsets and plenty more on the way, its no surprise that firstly yet another will be making its entrance and secondly, we have to ask the question as to whether it stand any chance against rival competition? The Samsung Droid Stealth running on … [Read more...]