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"3DS" News

Nintendo Will Bring 3D Video Capture To 3DS: Still Struggling

[ 0 ] September 13, 2021

Nintendo’s 3DS is still having a real hard time, even after they slashed its price. The Japanese tech giants are now looking to boost the product and its sales even more by introducing 3D video recording to it. The handheld device has struggled to make a real impact on the gaming market since its launch…

Nintendo DS To Offer CoD MW3: No Version For 3DS

[ 0 ] August 9, 2021

For excited Call of Duty fans awaiting the games highly anticipated launch in November we have some more good news, the shooter game will be available for the Nintendo DS and DSi. Activision confirmed the good news and announced that the the handheld version of the game will launch after the console version. Modern Warfare…

Nintendo DS High Sales: 3DS Struggles To Keep Pace

[ 1 ] July 17, 2021

Its a simple case of product development, where a newer version of a device is bought out after months, even years looking into what downsides the previous model suffered. This can be said for Nintendo and its gaming console the DS and the newer 3DS. In order to stand out from the rest of the…

Nintendo 3DS Netflix Update: 3DS About To Flourish? [UPDATED]

[ 0 ] July 14, 2021

The world of gaming is constantly changing in lots of different ways. When you look at the way the static consoles are going, they look to be getting more and more interactive with devices like the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and the new Nintendo Wii U. The handheld market is somewhat of a different…

Nintendo Wii 2 Front Camera Joypad: 3DS Similarities

[ 0 ] May 21, 2022

Codenamed “Project Cafe,” Nintendo have been working on a new replacement to the gaming Wii console. Whether a fan or not, the rumored console has started to build up a level of interest within the gaming world with a possible announcement still to come on June 7th at the E3 gaming conference. In the past…

Nintendo Confirm Wii 2 After 66% Profit Slump

[ 0 ] April 25, 2022

We have some exciting news for those of you who have taken an interest in news surrounding the Nintendo Wii’s successor. To the delight of all gamers out there we are pleased to announce that Nintendo has confirmed the Wii 2, and it will be with us next year.

Sony Hit Back At Nintendo 3DS Health Concerns: Justified?

[ 2 ] April 11, 2022

The saga between Nintendo’s 3DS gaming console and its subsequent health concerns still continues, with the company hitting back that claims of the newly released device are causing headaches, eye problems and feelings of fatigue.

Pre-Order Your 3DS: Morrison’s Gurantee Good Price

[ 0 ] March 14, 2022

Here at OSM we have been keeping you up to date with all the news surrounding the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, as the UK launch is only just over a week away supermarket Morrison’s have started taking pre-orders and are offering a really good price.

Nintendo 3DS: 24th March Midnight Release At 2 UK Game Retailers

[ 0 ] March 1, 2022

Good news today for those of you waiting to get your hands on a new Nintendo 3DS console. The highly anticipated device will now be available for release from Midnight on March 24th in 2 of the main gaming retailers in the UK.

Nintendo 3DS: Price Reduced For UK Pre-orders

Nintendo 3DS: Price Reduced For UK Pre-orders

[ 2 ] February 10, 2022

The Nintendo 3DS is a very highly anticipated device and in the war for your pre-order, UK retailers are slashing the price. This is pretty bold move but when you consider that the UK markup is by a third, these big companies can afford to reduce the price

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