“Rip Off 3D Is A Disgrace”- Hollywood Director Justin Lin

When 3D is done properly in a movie it is normally a breath taking and gripping visual experience. It now seems that time after time we being ripped off by greedy Hollywood film studios; surprisingly a Hollywood director has spoken out and condemned what is happening. The film maker is Justin Lin … [Read more...]

Twitter Eruption As Nicki Minaj Will Be In Ice Age 4

Over the last little while we have been keeping an eye on some of the things that are trending on Twitter and normally the ones we report on are social media, celebrity or sport related. Now we have heard of another Twitter eruption as Nicki Minaj will be in Ice Age 4 playing the voice of a … [Read more...]

Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle: R2-D2 Console To Cost £350

Gaming fans and Star Wars fans may just be in heaven looking at what is coming from a galaxy far far away. That's right an Xbox 360 kitted out to resemble everyone's favorite droid R2-D2. This special console comes in a bundle to celebrate the launch of the latest Star Wars game for Kinect, … [Read more...]

3D Back In Business: Transformers 3 The Reason

We recently spoke about how 3D sales in cinemas started to decline after an overload of movies with disappointing 3 dimensional scenes. It seems now that the release of a certain blockbuster movie is causing a real stir and sucking 3D fans back into cinemas. … [Read more...]

HTC Watch App Puts Your Evo’s 3D Movies On Your 3DTV

We brought you the exciting news earlier today that the HTC Evo 3D is now here, and with it comes a real treat. If you plan on buying the Evo and already own a 3D TV then "HTC Watch" will have you licking your lips. … [Read more...]

Dolby 3D Glasses: Green Goggles For Small Heads

Newer technologies such as 3D are being seen more often on many different types of devices. If you look in the gaming sector then you will find the Nintendo 3DS and in the mobile phone department we have the HTC EVO 3D. Now we have heard about some new Dolby 3D glasses, these green goggles are … [Read more...]

Kung Fu Panda 2 Trailer Becomes A YouTube Viral Video

When it comes to YouTube it’s great for many things, recently we have reported on a few different things including the cat mom that hugs her baby kitten, Oprah Winfrey saying goodbye on her show and of course the People of Walmart music video that had people in stitches … [Read more...]

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Trailer Goes Viral On YouTube

For those film buffs out there you might already be aware of the up and coming release of the latest movie in the Transformers series, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, its trailer has now gone viral on YouTube which is great for anyone who wants to know about it … [Read more...]

Samsung Announces 3D Movie Streaming For This Year

Electronics giant Samsung has announced that it will start streaming 3D movies to its internet enabled 3D TVs later this year. … [Read more...]

Stream 3D Movies To Your Phone- Coming Soon?

With the introduction of 3D to almost every TV, mobile phone and portable media player on the market right now, it makes you wonder when we will be able to take our favourite 3D programs and films on the go. This could be happening later this year with streaming over mobile networks, but will it … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Vudu Announces 3D Movie Streaming


Video streaming site Vudu has announced that it will start offering a 3D movie streaming service very soon. Speaking just ahead of the CES 2011 event, the organisation will be the first company to provide this service. … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Tweets Of New 3D Movie


American pop sensation “Justin Bieber,” has been reported as revealing his forthcoming 3D movie on Twitter. The online social networking site is home to not just the everyday user but some of the biggest celebrity names. With an astounding 100 million short messages sent daily, 16-year old … [Read more...]

3D Rental: Sky and Virgin asking for £6 per film


With the imminent 3D home viewing experience about to hit our lounges it seems only logical for companies such as Sky and Virgin to shed a little more light on the options we will have upon purchase. … [Read more...]

James Cameron’s Avatar: iPhone or Laptop watching is dumb


Here is a bit of interesting news from director of the moment, James Cameron. He has recently stated in an interview that watching the upcoming movie release of 3D epic Avatar on an iPhone would be 'dumb'. … [Read more...]