Snapfish encourage users with Free Monthly Photos

Snapfish is known for offering their users a lot in return for signing up, but one of the most successful promotions this brand has offered would be in relation to giving away free photos every month to their members.

Snapfish encourage users with Free Monthly Photos pic 1

It’s a simple plan and one their customers have jumped upon, it is as simple as getting their app and then once a month you will receive 50 6×4 prints per month. If you get to the end of the month without having used them then they are scrapped and another fresh 50 is added to your account.

To get these free Snapfish 6×4 photo prints just head on over to New Free Stuff and click on their ‘GET FREEBIE’ button.

New Free Stuff explains that if you register online you can get 20 free prints, but if you register via the app you get 50 free prints per month. We have also been searching on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and this seems rather popular.

Spread the word socially and let others know about there free prints from Snapfish. This is 600 photos per year if all used on time before the month is up.

Snapfish encourage users with Free Monthly Photos

  • K

    They are a shady company since they “upgraded” their new site. Do NOT trust them! No customer service number to contact any human being, lost photos, and projects that didn’t migrate as promised.