A Year of Running Facebook group by Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg in 2015 decided it was time for ‘A Year of Books’ and he said he really enjoyed it, but this time round he wants people to join him in a new community where he will run 365 miles in one year. Welcome to the new ‘A Year of Running’ Facebook group with Zuckerberg.

A Year of Running Facebook group by Zuckerberg

The multi-billionaire has decided to get fit for 2016 and to do so he has challenged himself and other to run 365 days and would like many others to join him. Today he wrote a Facebook post on his timeline explaining he has set up a new group called ‘A Year of Running’ where you can all discuss your running adventures with other and of course himself.

The new Facebook public group has a staggering 42,000 members at the time of posting this article already and climbing fast.

Keep an eye out because Zuckerberg will also post his progress periodically, he also said 365 miles in a year is not a lot. It works out just one mile a day, which is about 10 minutes at a moderate pace.

Will you be running a mile a day and joining the new ‘A Year of Running’ Facebook group?

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  • Simon

    This is a brilliant idea, but i am going to up mine to 2 miles a day.