Facebook to use Apple Live Photos example

Facebook is rolling out its new ‘Apple Live Photos’ example, users will be able to use the live photos by Apple using their Facebook on their mobile device, which means they are starting to move away from Adobe Flash for online content and using HTML5 for video content.

Facebook to use Apple Live Photos example pic 2

Tumblr was first to move into ‘Apple Live Photos’ and now Facebook is following suit, this means users will be able to upload their photos and view them live by holding down on the photo itself to see it moving. People who own an iPhone will have no doubt already tried it out, but now Facebook users will get to do the same.

It is a simple process, just pick a photo for your camera roll, it does have to be live photo-enabled, once you have done that you will see a “LIVE” box show up in the bottom right corner, tap this and away you go. If you tap it the live photo will be online on your Facebook.

All Live photos will be static until you hold down on the photo to make it move - So only good for iPhone users then. We have asked a few people are both USA and UK and none of our friends are seeing the update yet – Are you?

Source - TechCrunch

Facebook to use Apple Live Photos example