Tesco F&F in-store Half Price sale on clothing

Yesterday the beginning of the Tesco F&F in-store 50% off sale on clothing begun, where men’s deals happened first, but for the next two days December 16 and 17 it’s the chance for you to shop until you drop in the kid’s and women’s section.

Tesco F&F in-store 50 off sale on clothing

Thanks to Event Next they have revealed Tesco is doing a half price sale on its men’s, women’s and kid’s F&F clothing. December 16th, 2015 (Today) is when the kid’s half price sale in on in-store and then on the 17th of December it’s the turn of the women.

You can already see over at clothingattesco.com there is a 50% sale on many different clothes, etc. Just over a week to go and you could be wearing a F&F Christmas jumper to show off your festive spirit.

If you do go into a F&F store today and buy something please do let us know what clothing item you purchased and how much you paid for it. Always good to share the store location, the item and the price, thank you so much and Happy Christmas.

Tesco F&F in-store 50 off sale on clothing pic 1