NASA ISS Santa sleigh tracker with live stream

It is nearly that time when all the little children will be able to see Santa and his sleigh fly high in the sky on Christmas Eve. So it makes perfect sense to provide the best NASA ISS Santa sleigh tracker with live stream, which will let you know with a few simple searches where it is.

For the adults: Please keep it silent and let your child have their dreams and hopes, it will be the International Space Station (ISS) that will be orbiting Earth on Christmas Eve, but children will believe it is Santa’s sleigh. There will be many excited children looking forward to this waiting for their presents to come down the chimney, so lets keep the secret OK!

Last Christmas was very good indeed when it passed over and we can see this year being even more so. There are a few ways you can track the ISS and when it will be flying over certain locations. Hopefully the sky will be clear for all to see, in the UK times will be different possibly dependent on location, but the main date and time is Thursday Dec 24, 5:21 PM.

NASA ISS Santa sleigh tracker with live stream pic 1

NASA International Space Station Tracker Option 1: Thanks to Event Next they have given a few details on this, and they have suggested visiting this NASA webpage titled ‘Spot The Station‘, which is a cool ISS sighting location lookup. All you need to do is select a country; state or region as well as the city, then simply click on the next button. When you click the next you will see a list of the locations, it will give you details on how long it will be visible, the max height, appears (such as 26° above SW etc) and more.

NASA International Space Station Tracker Option 2: Follow the live ISS stream with Ustream, they have the ISS tracker and it is fun just watching. This is where you can watch the station moving live as it happens with voice audio (Video Below).

Do you prefer the ‘Spot The Station’ or the ‘Ustream International Space Station Live Feed’ option?

ISS Details: The International Space Station is huge, so much so the man made space station is so big its like over 320 cars in length measuring 357 feet and weighing about 100,000 pounds. It reflects the suns light and from Earth looks like a huge star, or is it Santa’s sleigh?

NASA ISS Santa sleigh tracker with live stream