YouTube Rewind 2015 video and behind the scenes

YouTube Rewind 2015 takes over Google search page for all to see, and within 15 hours the new video has topped the YouTube trending list and has had a staggering 13,708,332 views at the time of posting this article - Are you ready for the YouTube Rewind 2015 video and a quick look behind the scenes?

YouTube Rewind 2015 video and behind scenes pic 2

It has come to that part of the year when YouTube rounds up all the goodness and puts it into one video, which includes all the best and most popular videos. Famous faces such as PewDiePie, Zoella, James Corden and many more join in the fun; below you can see what has been captured.

YouTube Rewind Now Watch Me 2015 plays for 6 minutes and 39 seconds and features music by The Hood Internet and original remix by Avicii. If you visit this page you will see the full line up of names, this is a stunning video to say the least and we think you will enjoy it.

You will see a policeman trying to take on Taylor Swift; we will not give too much away. If you tap on the YouTube Trending tab here you will see that top of the list is none other than the ‘YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me 2015 | #YouTubeRewind’ video.

OK, so what is YouTube Rewind? To keep things simple it is where a video that highlights the top events that happened on the Internet, videos and memes.

Below the main video we also have the YouTube Rewind 2015 behind the scenes video where you will get to see the amazing celebration of the videos, music and people that made it – Have fun, and please do let us know what you think.

YouTube Rewind 2015 video and behind scenes pic 1