Facebook UK down not linked to new live video streaming

Many UK users are having issues with Facebook not working this evening where majority are complaining of the same problem. It seems to be with the Newsfeed not showing posts from the last few days – Is Facebook down for you?

Facebook down not linked to new live video streaming

Facebook not working tonight has caused somewhat of a stir and users are taking to the likes of Twitter to have their say and to find answers. The main issue surrounds the newsfeed not working when accessed via laptop and computer yet all seems to be fine using on tablets and smartphones.

One user said, “I went onto my Facebook newsfeed and have found that I have lost the last 3 days, not been able to see anything for like 10 hours.

A few other users have said is this down to the new app update that was released tonight, with more asking could it be down to Facebook testing out the new live video stream?

We decided to look into this a little more and even though we have no idea what the problem is some users have said they are fairly certain that the new live video stream tests have nothing to do with the issues occurring with Facebook in the UK. At the moment the new testing for the live video option is on iPhones with its U.S. audience, and for now there is no solid news if every Facebook account users with a smartphone will get to use the broadcast live – For more information about the new live streaming feature please visit The Verge.

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