New Facebook Rate This Translation pops up

Something new has popped up over on Facebook, and it looks like they are testing a new ‘Automatically Translated Rating’. So, Is the Facebook Rate This Translation new?

New Facebook Rate This Translation pops up pic 2

Users have always seen the translation text under a post and then once clicked it will translate for them so they can understand a little more. When you click on the ‘See translation’ link it will translate the text and then it will say under the newly translated text “Automatically translated’ and next to it a small 5 bar rating set-up.

Take this post here for example: When we clicked on the ‘Automatically translated‘ text a little box popped up saying “Translated from Spanish to English‘ with two options underneath saying ‘Never Translate Spanish’ and ‘Post was not in Spanish”.

Then the new rating system has five bars as said above and when clicked you get 1 is Very Bad – I can’t understand nothing, Bad – I can’t understand most of this, OK- I can understand enough of this, Good – I can understand most of this and Very Good – I can understand everything.

Have you seen the new Facebook Rate This Translation bar?

New Facebook Rate This Translation pops up pic 1