Facebook French flag removal causes confusion

Millions of people around the world showed their support on Facebook by updating their profile picture with the French flag overlay. But now people are asking how they can remove the French flag so they can change back to normal, one Facebook user said they showed support but saw no option on how to remove the overlay.

Yesterday Facebook added a ‘Try It” button on how to put a French flag overlay on your Facebook profile to show support after the terrible attacks in Paris.

Facebook French flag removal causes confusion

But it was not clear how to remove the flag overlay, many users changed their profile photo before seeing the options never, 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week and are now confused because they do not know how to remove it.

How to remove the Facebook French Flag Overlay?

If you feel you have shown your support but wish to remove the flag overlay there are a couple of options, the first option is to simply edit your current profile pic and use another. Or you could remove the flag overlay you already have and then add it again by clicking here and then the “Try It” option. Once you have clicked “Try It” make sure you choose 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week in the bottom right hand corner – you will see NEVER, just click on this to choose the other options.

We wish to say thanks to Product-Reviews for their insight on how to remove the French flag overlay on Facebook.

Facebook French flag removal causes confusion

  • Simone

    I tried to find the remove button because I did not see the other options on how long to keep the french flag.

  • Patrick

    I will keep my French flag profile pic overlay up for at least a month.

  • Jon Racioppi

    Doesn’t work. I clicked “try it” and all it did was put a 2nd overlay on it - no option to select the time frame again to remove it. It’s a nice feature, but not having a simple menu somewhere to edit the options and look at the other available overlays again is simply a moronic oversight.