MuttMate is a must for the modern social netwoofer!

MuttMate’s founder, Sarah Edwards, really was barking up the right tree when she created a unique social netwoofing site for dogs and their owners. Already 20% of UK pets have social media profiles on sites such as Facebook and 90% of owners admit to sharing pet photos online.

The pet market has been howling for a dog-specific platform so the launch of MuttMate is perfectly timed and already getting a ‘paws up’ from dogs across the UK.

The key to MuttMate’s success is that, although it’s a website with a global vision, (it has also been launched in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe) it focuses on communities and bringing pets and their people together on a local scale. MuttMate’s clever geo-location targets your specific area so you only receive local information that’s relevant to you and your best friend.

MuttMate is a must for the modern social netwoofer!

Doggy businesses can connect easily with owners within a certain radius in order to offer discounts or promote events, and owners can search for walking buddies with the same breeds as them or those who are interested in the same doggy sports.

The pet sector is one area of the retail market that is still booming despite the recession. In fact, the total spend on pet care in the UK is set to reach a record high this year when it hits £4.6bn. That’s a rise of 3% on last year and a whopping 25% rise since 2010!

This increase could be due to pets becoming more popular, with 9 million dogs currently in the UK compared to 8 million in 2012. Also, our attitudes have changed towards our pets and we are now shopping for them in the same way as we shop for ourselves. Organic food, high tech gadgets and luxury accessories have become de rigueur. The pet food market alone is set to reach £2.6bn by 2017, driven by a desire for advanced nutrition and a more natural diet for dogs.

Sarah, a digital media expert, had her ‘eureka’ moment when she moved to a new area with her Hungarian Vizsla, Rozsa. She couldn’t find a local dog sport club to join or a way to connect with other Vizsla owners in her area.

The seed of an idea grew into a one-stop social networking site for pet owners that incorporates local news, discounts and offers from local businesses, social groups and clubs, and a safe way of sharing photos, setting reminders for vet appointments and a handy online place for keeping all your doggy stuff.

MuttMate represents a natural progression for pets in the online world. As social animals it follows that dogs want to get in on the social networking action too, and MuttMate’s just for them!

MuttMate is a must for the modern social netwoofer! pic 2