Coming out online with Facebook status update

Social media is a strong entity and it is a networking platform where you can have your say, and Americans are using Facebook to come out using a tool that was implemented in 2014, as well as coming out online with a Facebook status update.

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Numbers are climbing according to a new report via Facebook research, where Americans are coming out on the social media site. This all ties in with LGBT-supporting Spirit Day on 15 October and anti-bullying. The report shows locations; numbers and the history of users coming out as well letting people know they are out within an online status update.

In 2014 Facebook revealed a new tool where its users could customise their gender field, such as androgynous, transgender, you can basically change your gender option. Before it used to be just male or female, but reports show this was a good move and more and more people are coming out on Facebook.

The report shows over 800,000 people in USA used Facebook to update their profile using the custom gender option. Facebook collectively counted this as “coming out,” but the numbers were a lot lower than tangible numbers of bisexual, gay, transgender and lesbian people on Facebook.

The major spikes of people coming out statuses occurred on the same day as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled where it was legal for same-sex couples to get married nationwide. Have you come out on Facebook using the Gender option, or did you come out direct in a status post?

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