Generation collapses after Facebook went down on Sept 24

It seems our generation collapses after Facebook went down on Sept 24, the site went temporarily offline and left millions flocking to Twitter to ask questions as to why.

Because the web version of Facebook went down the world went berserk, reports said all platforms were affected yet we could get onto our Facebook via our iOS and Android app, so it seemed the major issue was with the website version. Even so this was a huge problem for millions around the world and they needed somewhere to vent out their troubles, and what better place than Twitter.

Facebook went down around 5:30pm UK time and when users tried to access Facebook they were prompted with a message saying, “We’re working with our core infrastructure teams to identify the issue and will update you when we have more information.” This was posted onto the Facebook status page, but within 30 minutes the social networking site was online again.

The hashtag #FacebookDown is still very popular with tweets coming in every minute, one tweet said that people treated Facebook going down like it was the end of the world. Another said if Facebook can have a break so can you.

What was your response when Facebook went offline, do you believe in what some people said when they feel we live in a sad generation just because Facebook goes down?

Check out a few tweets below after Facebook went down:

Generation collapses after Facebook went down on Sept 24 pic 1