Facebook Empathy vs Dislike button, what do you want?

Facebook users have been asking for a while now if they will ever get to see other buttons instead of the normal ‘Like’ such as the ‘Dislike’. To put this one to rest the dislike button is not coming, but ‘Empathy’ could be.

Facebook has decided they want to look into another button and like is not what they are about, its not nice when you are feeling down or if a loved one passes away, or something has happened that has made you sad. Using the like button is not really nice to use and disliking someone’s post that means something to them is not nice either, but an empathy button seems more practical and useful.

Facebook Empathy vs Dislike button, what do you want

Mark Zuckerberg has finally given a solid answer to the dislike button at the Q&A at Facebook’s headquarters, its NOT coming. If something is sad or daunting it’s hard to hit the like, and disliking is not the right one either. But like and empathy seems to be the answer even though Zuckerberg didn’t give the real name of the button, he just said we should show empathy.

The Facebook button is ready to test soon, and depending on how it does they will roll it out.

Ok, so a new Empathy Facebook button could be tested, but do you still want the Facebook dislike button? For more in-depth information please do visit Tech Crunch as they have more information on this.

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  • Victor

    I would still like the dislike button, it would be fun. And some things are worth disliking.

  • Loraine

    I would not like a dislike button, Facebook can cause so many rows where families and friends are no longer talking anymore. Comments are actually worse because people read then differently to the way you intended it to read. Removing comments has caused arguments where they want to know why, so disliking something that might mean something to someone is harsh to them.

    • Orson

      Why not just let the user have the choice of turning on and off the dislike button. Just like most news, blogs and social platforms do already with commenting.