New Instagram Direct update is more messenger friendly

Instagram has just introduced a whole new focus in making its Direct messaging feature more messenger-friendly. Welcome to the new Instagram Direct update that re-opens what some may call a feature of neglect; new improvements now stand out to make life a little easier.

They have introduced updates to its one-to-one messaging feature, and today the new beginning moves on for the better for Instagram DM users around the world.

New Instagram Direct update is messenger friendly pic 1

New Instagram threaded messages is born with the ability to share your content from your very own timeline to Direct, thanks to the newly released update.

How to use Instagram Direct: It is more abut how to share to a DM really, it is as simple as spotting the little arrow right next to the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ buttons on a video or image. It is this arrow that will allow you to share your content with anyone you please on Instagram straight away.

Other features include the ability to add people to a group conversation, as well as label group messages. Another good feature includes being able to reply to messages with a selfie within the quick camera feature. For more information visit the Instagram blog here or by visiting the Instagram Help Center.

What are your views on the new Instagram Direct update?

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  • Nigel

    I actually really like it, it makes life a whole lot easier. Its nothing breathtaking and not really exciting it just makes sharing to Instagram easier.

    • Ishichiro

      Can you share apk ? Updated instagram from google play this morning but still don’t work for me