Activities performed by social media marketer

One of the best ways for businesses to increase their revenue is through social media marketing. Social media platforms have a large number of users and so if we implement proper marketing strategies, we can reach out to a large number of potential customers from this user base.

In order to know the potential of social media, business people depends on the experts from the field like social media marketers. They will use different social media strategies so as to generate the top most ROI.

So, apart from planning social media strategies, and working them out, there are certain things that make up the day of social media marketing professional. They are as follows:

Activities performed by social media marketer

Make a to-do list

All the social media marketers create a to do list based on the activities that they are going to perform on a day. This is a simple tentative list, which will give them an idea of the tasks. Once the list is prepared, they work accordingly. Even at our own Deals Lands our Social Media Marketers are going well accordingly. Now this list may include many tasks like sending out some important mails, checking out some media platforms before others, they may be even planning to conduct a brainstorming sessions, get an analytic overview of different platforms, etc. This list may also include some tasks which were already included in the to do list of the previous day.

Account checking

When it comes to a day in the life of a social media marketer, it starts by checking out emails. They go through their mails and reply to the ones that needs one. After that, they start checking out their social media accounts one by one like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to look out for updates. This notification consists of a new follower, new post, new fan or a new tweet.

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Most of the time the social media marketers have a number of accounts on a social media platform. They use many social media management tools to manage all these accounts at the same time. When it comes to these tools, most of the time they have a unified dashboard, which helps to check all the information at a given point of time.

Reply to the posts, tweets, etc.

The next important thing a social media marketer does in a single day is to reply to the posts and tweets. They retweet and as well as update their status on different social media sites.

Adding new posts on social media

When it comes to social media, the definition of content has changed to a large extend. Today, people keep on browsing the sites through mobile devices and look forward to share some interesting topics. So the social media marketers need to know the type of the content people want to share on Internet. The marketers need to find the content that can go viral on Internet within some seconds and so for this they need to pick the contents that are apt for the site and add them to the profile.

Add original content

Apart from curating content, social media marketers need to publish content too. They need to publish original content on their website as well as on the third party sites so as to establish their brand. The added content can be anything like an image, a video, white papers, blog post, user manuals, articles, infographics, case studies, etc. Apart from publishing the post on social media site, they share them on different social media platforms using the share button.

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Scheduling posting

Many social media marketers follow a proper schedule to post content. Many a times it is carried out manually by posting the content on specific date and time. Now it is possible to schedule using social management tools like TweekDeck, Buffer, SproutSocial, HootSuite, etc. So by using such tools it is possible to publish posts on weekends as well as on public holidays.

Developing ideas

Many a times the social media marketer’s conduct brainstorming sessions, so as to decide on different marketing strategies as well as discuss upon different tools that will help them to improve their social media stand.

Social media performance evaluation

It is necessary for any social media marketer to evaluate the current position on social media sites. The keyword rankings, bounce rate, traffic volume and others using different analytic tools. From the report they decide on whether they need to create a new strategic plan or they need to bring change to the existing one.

Again visit social media sites

They again come to different social media profiles and check for updates on their post and reply to them. This way they are able to engage with people in real time. These nine points are definitely going to help a social media marketer to achieve the goal of completing daily tasks.

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