Facebook Notes questions refresh look

Who remembers Facebook Notes? I thought this tool was redundant as many have not used it in a while, but now there is a new refresh happening and it is already being questioned.

Facebook Notes questions refresh look! Already since learning Facebook is slowly rolling out a new look ‘Notes’ people are wondering if they are sort of copying the look of ‘Medium’. Looks like Facebook have got the feather duster out to bring a new vibe and look to the social media community.

Facebook Notes questions refresh look pic 1

Not all but some users are already seeing the new version of Notes, the design actually looks more readable and the typography actually looks rather good. And the cover-photo looking image at the top looks great because it is large, nice touch but simple - Take a look at the new styling here.

Have you got the new Facebook Notes yet? It looks more like a blog than a note or a Facebook post. But this update looks a lot like Medium and it is not surprising considering Facebook hired the designers that created the Medium platform. For more information and updates please visit The Next Web.

Do you prefer the old or new look of Facebook Notes?

Facebook Notes questions refresh look pic 2