Goodbye 140-character from Twitter Direct Messages

Could Twitter remove the 140-character limit altogether? We think not, but many people have been asking this question after the latest removal from Twitter’s ‘Direct Messages’.

It is now goodbye to the 140-character limit from Twitter Direct Messages, this means you can have your say and not worry about running out of characters when you send a private message. The limit of 140 has been upped to a huge 10,000 per DM, are you happy about the new change?

Goodbye 140-character from Twitter Direct Messages pic 1

Every day millions of people struggle to send a private message in Twitter because 140-characters were just not enough, keeping the limited number is great as its kind of fun trying to say what you want but keeping it short in the process. But upping the character count in DM is brilliant because it makes the conversation more powerful.

If you are not seeing the new limit jump do not worry, this new word limit is being rolled out slowly across multiple devices. Desktop, Android and iOS apps will get the update first, then after that Twitter for Mac and TweetDeck will get it next. SMS Direct Messaging will still stay limited to 140.

Are you seeing the new Twitter character limit in Direct Messages? Please do let us know if yes or know and what platform you are using and your location.

Goodbye 140-character from Twitter Direct Messages pic 2