Shocking Bangkok bomb video by Sky News

A new shocking Bangkok bomb video by Sky News has been released, and it shows the moment of the explosion.

There is now a huge manhunt by the military and the police to hunt down the Bangkok bomb suspect, who is said to look Arabian in another video from a surveillance camera. It was that video where a man was seen placing a shoulder bag near a fence, which is where visitors were worshiping the Erawan shrine.

Shocking Bangkok bomb video by Sky News pic 2

It was a few minutes after the man left the bag the Bangkok blast occurred. Airports and border checkpoints are now under alert to watch out for the suspect, the man was apparently wearing a yellow t-shirt according to many sources via social media channels and video footage.

120 people have been injured and over 20 people killed after the device detonated.

The suspected is also said to have been wearing red shoes and dark blue shorts plus hold a shoulder bag. He was also wearing sunglasses and has curly hair, and according to sources was wearing a watch.

Looking on social media it shows opposition activists claiming junta blaming its political opponents, some say it was to do with delaying a promise in returning to democracy.

Please do have your say below, and watch the video over on Sky News. You can also see more news footage here.

Shocking Bangkok bomb video by Sky News pic 1