A-Level results day collection time for 2015

What is the A-Level results day collection time for 2015? This is a question popping up all over Twitter, times will vary dependant your college etc. But tomorrow on August 13th it will be a day where students are biting their nails wondering if they got the results they want.

A-level Results Day is a stressful and nervous day where over 300,000 students will gather to collect there results. Many will open their envelopes handed to them straight away but others will open in front of parents and or relatives, nerves will set in, as this is the most important day of their academic career.

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Students sat through hours and hours of exams during the summer, and hopefully tomorrow will have all been worth it to get the grades they desire.

It has been advised by this helpful guide to be prepared for A-Level results day on Thursday 13th August 2015. They recommend you take a mobile phone, pen or pencil, notepad, calculator to add up module marks. It is also best to take your AS results UCAS letter because it has your number and important numbers etc.

Collection time will vary, for example Billericay Sixth Form results are August 13th and A Level results can be collected at 9am and AS Level 11am, they recommend you do not come in before these times.

What time can you’re a-Level results tomorrow?

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  • Jessica

    I am so not looking forward to tomorrow, well i am in a way because i am sure i got good marks. I think i done rather well so fingers crossed.