2015 V festival isn’t cancelled, rumor false

Thousands of people have been left shocked after a false rumor hit the web and social media networks, reporting the 2015 V Festival being cancelled.

The 2015 V Festival this year is running from dates 22 and 23 August and even though not sure how the rumor started someone believed the festival was cancelled today and thousands are hitting Twitter to have their say.

2015 V festival isn’t cancelled, rumor false pic 1

What has been cancelled is the ‘World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice Festival’, this is not going ahead and for very good reasons. It was believed someone saw the word ‘Festival’ and automatically thought it was the V Festival and then tweeted about it sparking the rumor.

It seems people start such a rumor and then it spirals out of control, but we can tell you the V Festival will still be going ahead and we have not heard any official news to state otherwise.

It all starts on the 22nd of August and both Hylands and Weston parks. There will also be the 20th party kicking off as well, which kicks off in just 9 days time. The 20th party starts August 21st though, for more information please visit the official V Festival website.

2015 V festival isn’t cancelled, rumor false pic 2