Flight MH17 crash site reveals possible Russian missile

Investigations are still underway at the flight MH17 crash site, and the latest news reports fragments of a suspected Russian BUK missile were found.

The MH17 crash was devastating and reports from investigators say the missile fragments could possibly be from a Buk surface-to-air system. The investigators have not yet determined who were involved in the crash and have not come to any conclusion of a connection with Russia.

Flight MH17 crash site reveals Russian missile pic 1

Where the plane crashed was apparently held by pro-Russian rebels, and 298 on board died in 2014. In the past Western countries and the Ukraine have accused pro-Russian rebels being the ones who shot down flight MH17, but Russia and rebels deny responsibility and according to this report blames the Ukrainian military.

Malaysia, Ukraine, UK, US, Netherlands, Russia and Australia are the joint investigation team trying to get to the bottom of this matter.

The cause of crash with the final version of the draft being published in October, will be concluded at a meeting in The Hague

Flight MH17 crash site reveals Russian missile pic 2