Steve-O arrested after Facebook Live Stream stunt

Social media and Jackass stunt sensation Steve-O arrested after Facebook Live Stream crane stunt. He decided on climbing a crane without safety equipment in Hollywood in protest against Seaworld.

His 9.1 million Facebook followers saw the Steve-O Seaworld crane stunt when he broadcasted three live streams on the social media platform.

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Stephen Glover aka Steve-O was arrested after he decided he wanted to climb the 100-foot crane in a Hollywood construction site, but emergency teams such as police, fire trucks and ambulances were called to the site not knowing if he needed rescuing.

He climbed to the top recording live, he then inflated a killer whale with the words “Seaworld Sucks” when he then lit a firecracker. When he climbed down he was taken into custody, when later he posted onto Facebook “Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?”

He posted onto Facebook a blow-up Killer Whale called Shammy with a link to his Instagram account. He told his fans he would be doing a dangerous stunt and he did, this post got him 22,876 likes, 865 shares and 498 comments, This was then followed by a Facebook Live Stream video titled, “Its stunt time” and this got him 2.7 million views, 3,032 shares and 13,948 comments. The second live stream was titled, “Let’s do this live” and this garnered 3.4m views, 5,676 shares, nearly 60,000 likes and touching 11,000 comments. His third and final stream was titled, “Anyone wanna bail me out of Jail?” and this got even more views, which touched 8.6 million. Check out the live streams here.

What are your views on the Steve-O crane stunt?

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