Child maintenance calculator for USA, UK

Millions of people need to know how much they would have to pay or receive for their children, and the best way to do so is by using a Child maintenance calculator.

If you are arranging your own payments then use the Child maintenance calculator for both USA and UK to agree on the right child maintenance amount. Using such calculators would give an estimated number of the amount to pay or receive.

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It all depends on the information you provide how much is to be paid or received, these can only be used legally if you are making any arrangements through the courts or statutory service.

It basically gives you an idea what the government would work out for you; this is just an insight of the statutory amount.

If you have a 1993 or 2003 scheme case then please do not use the calculator, these will be managed by the CSA (Child Support Agency). Always remember these Child maintenance calculators only give an estimate, you will need to provide information of your income etc.

Use the relevant calculator: USA / UK

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