Seasonal social media usage and impact

Social media is omnipresent in today’s modern society, it seems. You’re never far away from it online, with every website urging you to Like their Facebook page, or share out their content on Twitter. The phrase “That’s going straight on Facebook!” is part of the lexicon now. But it stands to reason that certain social media platforms will spike at different times of the year, when their unique features are most in tune with the season, climate, or social event.

For social media marketers, understanding the basic psychology behind the different social media platforms and when best to use them is inherent in the job. But could factoring in seasonal considerations help with a successful social media campaign? Here are some points to consider about the various social media outlets, that will hopefully make your job easier.


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It should be stated from the outset that social media usage will be consistent to some level throughout the year. It’s not like there are specific winter and summer social media outlets. But there will certainly be times when some outlets spike. Pinterest, for example, is fueled by design. Pictures of decorations, furniture, and clothes make up the bulk of its content.

So ideally, you’ll want to be ramping up your Pinterest campaigns (if the outlet is viable for you in the first place) in spring, just as the spring cleaning/spring decorating seasons start in earnest. People will be flocking to the site to see the latest fashions across both interior decorating and clothing, so you’ll want to have a substantial presence during this boom period.

Visual Outlets

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Some may see outlets such as Snapchat, Instagram and Vine as somewhat disposable. It’s difficult to portray a marketing message at the best of times, let alone when you only have a 10 second picture or a 6 second video to deliver your ideas. But for some businesses, these outlets are lifelines. Food, fashion and creative businesses can make great use of them, as there isn’t much information that they need to convey that can’t be delivered under these restraints (at least as a hook to get people to enquire further).

These platforms will see spikes in summer. Everyone wants to show off the gorgeous weather they are enjoying, or the holidays they are on. Now, you may be in a situation where your product may not be related to summer. That’s not ideal, but don’t fret. As more and more people post their pictures and videos, more and more people will be using the app to check it out. Take advantage of that increased visibility, regardless of if your product is all that relevant.


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The biggest social media platform in the world may seem like the most consistent of the lot. Its traffic, in general, doesn’t dip up and down. But apply your own experiences to it - when are most of your friends, even the dormant ones who never post updates, most active? Around the holidays.

With family visits, festive activities, and a lot of pictures being posted, it’s a great idea to up your Facebook game around this time. Plus, it won’t hurt to be highly visible as people ponder what gifts to buy! This of course goes for any cultural holiday, so make a calendar of important dates.


Twitter is a hard one to pin down. Being so prone to change, on a minute-by-minute basis, there’s no telling what could cause its traffic spikes. But similar to Facebook, if you know something is coming, be prepared to jump on the bandwagon. That said, Twitter isn’t all about set in stone holidays - its big events are more 21st century.

For example, spring tends to be a big time for TV, and Twitter is always a hive of activity when these new shows are starting. If you don’t have a tenuous link you can make to Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, at least be more visible on the platform during this time. Any and all major sporting events should be treated in a similar way.

These may or may not be game changers, but every little helps in the big world of social media marketing.

Seasonal social media usage and impact