Facebook login still dominant: Q1 vs Q2 2015 results

No social media network out there is catching the likes of Facebook when it comes to social logins. Millions of people use the Facebook login to gain access to profiles, newsfeed and so much more. But social login as we also know as social sign-in is only but getting better for Facebook with a staggering incremental gain in Q1 2015 according to Gigya, but things have fallen a little with eCommerce social logins for Q2 April - June results.

Google+ is way behind is social logins but they are in second place. Looking at the infographic below you can see Facebook sits pretty at 64% of the overall customer identity preferences in the first quarter of 2015, with Google+ sitting at 21%, followed by Twitter with 6%.

Facebook login still dominant in social media pic 1

When it comes to logins on eCommerce Facebook remained at 72% with Google+ at 19%, and a huge 60% for Facebook on media and publishing sites with Google+ at 19%. But then when you take a look at the Q2 2015 (April - June) results you will see eCommerce has fallen to 70%. Check out the full inforgraphics below and comepare to the two.

Facebook’s dominance is only but growing, but when it comes down to identity can Apple Touch ID authentication threaten Facebook?

Please take a look at the infographic titled “The Landscape of Customer Identity” Q1 - 2015 (January - March). The under this please take a look at the Q2 results and compare.

Facebook login still dominant in social media pic 2