Mick Fanning shark attack video

Lucky, shocked and relieved are three words that come to mind when we think of the Mick Fanning shark attack video, what a close call and possible to close for comfort. Social media is buzzing right now with many people searching for the video, as well as “What type of shark attacked Mick Fanning?

Even though the shark size is not yet known, we do know the Mick Fanning shark attack video has 764,216 views since yesterday July 19th courtesy of Michael Bullard.

Mick Fanning is an Australian surfer and was out in the water on the J-Bay Open final in South Africa, and in the video below you can see him waiting for the waves sitting on his surfboard when all of a sudden you see the shark fin glide across the waters surface. This is when the shark attacked Fanning, during this ordeal the surfer punched the shark and he survived unharmed.

People are also taking to social media and YouTube saying the video should be renamed to ‘Mick Fanning Attacks Shark’. Do you agree? It is rather surprising Fanning has not said anything on his Twitter account, but we are guessing he has not phone data where he is to update with a tweet of the encounter.

Please do watch the video below and let us know your views on it.

Mick Fanning shark attack video pic 1