Travelers use Twitter after Channel Tunnel closed

Channel Tunnel delays are still ongoing after it was closed due French ferry workers going on strike. Traffic is also suspended after protestors caused a fire on the tracks in Calais, so access is still suspended leaving the Channel Tunnel closed

Both Eurostar and shuttle services are suspended because of the fire on the tracks; this is the second time in two weeks that Calais has hit a stage of chaos. Even the UK government is calling it “completely unacceptable”.

Travelers use Twitter after Channel Tunnel closed pic 1

If you visit the official Eurostar Twitter account you will see up-to-date tweets coning in, with the latest adding a link to the ‘Departures and arrivals’ Eurostar webpage. They report the fire was caused by MyFerryLink demonstrators outside the tunnel.

The strike apparently started at around 12.45am after the protestors broke into the tunnel and blocked the track. This means services between Belgium and London and France have been suspended.

Travellers are taking to twitter to vent their anger, saying sitting in traffic is ridiculous and a waste of time and for what. Eurotunnel LeShuttle Twitter page is listing a few contact details, for refunds contact via email at [email protected], or contact [email protected] if you have in affected today.

Have you been affected by the strike?

Travelers use Twitter after Channel Tunnel closed pic 2