Social Proof is a tool to increase conversion: Let’s see how

So, before we move further, let us take a walk through the past. ‘Facebook’, who on this earth is not familiar with this term?? The situation was different some years back. It was used to be a local website, which was used by the students at Harvard, during the summers of 2004. Slowly, it got expanded and then, it was used by the people in the Ivy League.

When it comes to big companies, they never invest in the small ones, if they don’t have any idea on how small companies are going to perform in the coming years. All the small entrepreneurs think that they have got something big in the net, but making the big companies understand that, is a whole different thing. When we talk about Facebook, it was one of those small business plans of 2004. Then, it got much funding from Peter Thiel, after he was convinced by Sean Parker, a successful entrepreneur.

This is the example of social proof. Social proof has tremendous influence on others. This power of social proof can help you with increasing the conversion rates. So better let me show you how that happens.

Add logos

When it comes to any visitor or prospect, one of the important things that they need to have there, is faith in you. For that, one of the simple but at the same time an important step, that you can take on your website, is to add the logos of your previous clients. If you have any famous companies as your client, then surely make use of it to attract more.

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Finding the name of big fishes, will definitely give out a positive signal to the visitors, thereby making them come to an agreeable term, regarding the authenticity of your services.

If you have any partner company, which is well known in its field, then don’t hesitate to use their logo, as it will help you to increase the conversion rates.

Add reviews

This is not at all a hidden fact that, people do look for customer reviews before they buy something from you. Studies claim that, more than 77% customers have gone through the reviews, before buying a product. It gives them a sense of assurance, when it comes to your products. So, adding some positive reviews on your site will help you to increase the conversion rates. Moreover, reviews play an important role in e-commerce.

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For any customer, finding a positive review on your site means they have come across your product, and had good experience in using it. So, this gives out a positive signal to the prospects. When it comes to reviews, make sure to add some negative ones too, as it will let the visitors know that the reviews are real and will eventually build a trust in you.

So, it is definitely a good idea to add a button for reviews on the product page, where people can leave their words.

Add testimonials

Getting a testimonial is like icing on a cake. A good testimonial from a well-known person will give the necessary boost to increase your conversions. When a well-known person says something about you and your products, then it gives out clear information that your products are trustworthy. This can be the best way to advertise your products.

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There are well-known people who write blogs on different things, and if, you manage to impress them with your work and get them to write for you, then it will do the magic. A testimonial is something, which expresses the sentiments of the person writing it and so for the same reason they are not generic.

Apart from adding the normal kind of testimonial, you can also try video testimonial from some well known people on your site. If you don’t have people around you to write one for you, then you can ask your customers to do that for you. A good testimonial can definitely help you increase conversions.

Add case studies

According to research done by Dealslands UK, Case studies works well when presented properly on your sites. It shows how your product has worked for others. Here, you can take the credit when you tell others, how you managed to bring the positive change in their life by your efforts.

Just making some claims may not get you the necessary benefit; make sure that you present the correct information. You can show numbers here. Show them how things worked for your client before your efforts and then, the positive effect of your work afterwards. Now, this is something that people can’t ignore.

Every prospect, may have different requirements and so for the same reason, they may be searching your website to know, how your product will work for them. Better start making different case studies for your different products and services. This will help them to relate the case studies with their problems.

Try to start your case studies with a problem statement and then show how your product or service will help to solve that problem. This approach will give a real feel to the visitors reading it.

Show how popular you are on social media

The number of people following you or liking you or tweeting about your products, shows your social media popularity. When it comes to conversions, these numbers definitely work. More numbers mean, you are more popular. Many a times, these numbers on the social media sites will be enough to beat the heat.

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You can even add some links or buttons to your pages on social media sites from your site. This will help them to land there directly. Do make sure to show the numbers of your social media presence on your site like the number of likes on Facebook or number of tweets on Twitter.

Use media

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Many of the websites and app making companies need an authenticate support from people who are already there in the field. This is the reason, why many newcomers try to pitch a news website like TechCrunch. A write up by them will increase your traffic drastically and boost your conversion rates. If any website has mentioned about your company or you have managed to add a guest post on some website, you can use this chance and mention their logo on your website.

Trying all or some of the points will definitely help you to increase your sales. If you find them useful, then spread the word to the world, so that others can also make use of these techniques.

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Christopher Meloni is a Marketing manager at Dealslands UK a fastest growing Online Coupon Industry. Apart from his profession, he also has a passion for the Ecommerce Industry and it’s Branding and likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his field. Connect with Christopher on Twitter.

Social Proof is a tool to increase Conversion