Best social media analytics tools in 2015

Social media, although often dismissed by those outside of the industry as a “waste of time”, is a very powerful tool to web marketers. Anybody who hopes to sell or promote anything online will need to have some level of social media presence.

Research proves that social media are becoming more and more popular, especially after a certain size, a good social media presence is absolutely vital.

So the business of analysing social media output and response is huge. Lots of companies have produced tools in hopes of becoming mainstays in social media marketing strategies up and down the country. It can be a little overwhelming just trying to wade through them all.

So here are some of our favourite social media analytics tools, in no particular order.


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Despite it’s funny name, Followerwonk is a powerful Twitter analytics suite. All of these tools can collate the basic information such as followers, shares and click-throughs, but Followerwonk can do something pretty unique. It will analyse where your followers are located geographically, and show you times when they are most active, giving you some insight into when best to tweet information out.

You can also get this information on social influencers you want to target. Furthermore, you can also easily compare your social standing to competitors, across a lot of criteria.

Facebook Insights

Most of these analytics tools are third party programmes. Facebook, however, has a tool built in - Facebook Insights. This tool can be accessed by any FB page admins, and it will give you a full rundown of your engagements, both in terms of the comments your posts receive, and the amount of click-through traffic your shares generate.

This is all tied to FB’s promotion system. The more money you pay, the further your post will be spread. It is a necessary evil in the world of social media these days, so while you may not want to pay a lot of money to get ahead, it is helpful that you can jump straight from the analytics to a possible solution should your numbers be to slow.


Analytics isn’t just for the major social media outlets, though. Even the less business focused ones can be analysed if you so wish. Followers is an App to analyze your Instagram following. It’s simplistic, but it shows you a lot of information in bulk - followers, who you follow back, you has blocked your account, etc. For smaller, niche companies who rely on these type of apps, it can make a big difference. You can get it here.


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So far, we have mentioned tools that analyse your social media accounts. Buzzsumo analyses social media as a whole. The programme will search out the top performing posts in any area you wish to look at.

For example, if you want to get some social interaction for an upcoming national holiday, like Halloween, you can search for the top performing Halloween articles. You’ll see the topic, and the amount of shares, retweets, and other such engagements too. It can help you spot trends that can inform you posts (for example, everything is about costumes, whereas articles on candies aren’t doing well).

Google Analytics

GA can show you how much traffic, the quality of that traffic (things like average time on site, bounce rate) and conversions your website gets from social media. Google Analytics can show you which of your social media campaigns are yielding results. GA is the point at which you stop, take stock of your social media efforts, and plan for the next campaign.

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  • john58975

    Social media is the most effective way to boost traffic. Google analytics is not the best option every time due to its inaccuracy. Its having some issues with bounce rate & page views. Instead of that GoStats will be helpful. It tracks every details in a real time.