Elder Scrolls Online problems plague PS4, Xbox One launch

The Elder Scrolls Online has finally been released for both PS4 and Xbox One users, but since the launch problems have occurred on both platforms with login and servers. People who got their hands on ESO were very excited to start playing as they have been waiting for it to come to the consoles for some time only to be kicked back down again due to acknowledged issues.

Over on the official @TESOnline Twitter account they have acknowledged there are issues that are effecting #ESOTU console logins on NA and EU, you can get the full information on the official forums.

Elder Scrolls Online problems plague PS4, Xbox One launch pic 1

To start there is a huge 15Gb patch that needs updating, this is one of the issues and the other being servers being hit very hard indeed due to the release of the console version of ESO, leaving gamers frustrated because they cannot login. Players are getting “Login Failed. Connection to server timed out. Please try again”

Bethesda are very aware of the troubles gamers are having and are trying to fix the issue right now, hopefully all will be up and running where you get to embark on your journey across Tamriel.

Have you purchased Elder Scrolls Online for your PS4 or Xbox One yet? If you have and are experiecing any ESO problems please do share below.

Elder Scrolls June 29 maintenance with patch 2.0.12

  • Nathan

    I have had issues on my Xbox One, its a nightmare. Do they know I have been waiting for a long time for it to come out on the Xbox platform.

    • Dan Miles

      They do not care. You spent your hard earned money that is all they care about.

      • Jk

        The bs happen with destiny. no they dont care.

  • Daniel

    I cannot login, have been trying for a while now, guess the servers are getting smashed by people downloading the game on consoles.

  • Kassandra Hedin

    I tried to log in for hours took a break came back got a little to excited I guess cause I finally got to sign in to my premade account them poof it wouldn’t load again!!!!!

    • Jk

      I havnt even got the patch downloaded yet…..this was at 10am its 9 now and it only downloaded 2 gigs in 12 hours…really out of 15?

  • Breydon Casey

    First I had to wait 3 hours for the digital download, now I can’t even play the game that I stayed up till 3 in the morning? You think companies would prepare for everyone getting on the severs…

  • Angela

    Is everyone’s saying 34 hours 4 patch 2 download!?! Why ddnt they release the patch in segments? I sit here 4 say 31 hours & it even says error occurred ( ddnt download ) there is going 2b H E L L 2 pay

  • Jk

    I picked up mine this morning and its still saying 45 hours!!!!! Really?

  • Jk

    90 hours really, damn Destiny didnt take this long. I have bee a fan for years….this is some bs!!!!!!!

  • DhirenWhiteTiger .

    Long login times and i lose connection to server after bout 5 minutes its resiculous