NBA Finals: Cavaliers vs Warriors highlights on video

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors 95-93 in overtime even though they lost Kyrie Irving. In the Oracle Arena the Cavs won Game 2 of the NBA Finals and it was an epic game. To prove the atmosphere below are the NBA Finals Cavaliers vs Warriors highlights on video.

With 39 points it was LeBron James leading the way with 11 assists and 16 rebounds, which is when the Cavs drew up the series, 1-1. This is the first time in the NBA Finals history where there have been two overtime games at the beginning. At one part of the game there was just three minutes remaining in regulation when the Cavaliers conceded an 11-point lead.

NBA Finals Cavaliers vs Warriors highlights on video pic 1

Matthew Dellavedova’s had two free throws with only a mere 10 seconds in the overtime, and it was this that gave Cleveland the lead. Stephen Curry missed a jumper but did manage to finish with 19 points on five-of-23 shooting, he also managed to miss 13 of his 15 three-point shots.

Below are three YouTube videos for you to watch, The first video is of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Game 2 highlights of the first half courtesy of NbaHighlightsHD, this NBA Finals video is very exciting so please do watch.

The second video is by Ximo Pierto showing LeBron James after the win, and the third and final YouTube video is by NBAClip where Draymond Green blocks LeBron.

It will be in Cleveland when Game 3 begins. What were your thoughts on the Cavaliers vs Warriors game?

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