Best subreddits for men 2015

Reddit is such a huge site and it has an increasing follwership, users submit links thousands of times a day for others to read interesting articles or information etc. But what are actually the best subreddits for men 2015?

Users are called ‘redditors’ and they can ask the community questions or share things they find interesting in single text submissions, and it is these that are called are put into different categories, which we all know as subreddits. These are normally shown on the website as “r/___” for many different topics.

There are thousands of subreddits and below we will list a few of the best ones catering men, these will cover different topics. Of course there are loads to list but we can only give you a few at a time.

Best subreddits for men 2015 pic 1

First up is for those who love to groom, r/wicked_edge has over 73,000 readers and caters for men who wet shave. This is a subreddit with tips on how to get a much better shave, get asking those questions by clicking the link.

Another good one is r/beards, which as 99,498 readers. If you are man with a beard or a woman who loves a man with one then this is the subreddit page for you. What most followers love the most is that you can share your own pic of your beards progress.

r/socialskills is great for those that would like advice or for those that would like to offer some type of encouragement to help them move forward.

r/personalfinance is a good subreddit if you would like to be a better man in getting your finances into order. Maybe you need to figure out how to get your house finance working for you, or you are a student with a debt you need to sort. This subreddit has over 3 million readers so we are sure you will find something to help you achieve where you need to be.

One more subreddit for men has to be r/fitness, which has 3,441864 members. This is great to help motivate you and how to get advice on getting into shape and keeping up with a fitness program.

Best subreddits for men 2015