YouTube trailer for Trevor Noah Daily Show

We all love South African stand-up comedian Trevor Noah, he has this likability about him offering us his funny antics and gags. But the real good news is that the YouTube trailer for Trevor Noah Daily Show is well worth watching, because it gives it away he will be taken over the seat.

Noah started with the Daily Show back in 2014 where he was a contributor, he first made it big when he appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in 2012, then he was on “Late Show with David Letterman.” Since then he has been on many TV shows as well as having his own stand-up stages, he also hosted his own show in his native country called, “Tonight with Trevor Noah.”

YouTube trailer for Trevor Noah Daily Show pic 2

As of September 28, 2015 Trevor Noah will be taking over the hot seat due to Jon Stewart officially handing over the chair. Stewart decided it was time to depart from the show, and the video below courtesy of Comedy Central is very funny indeed (Please be aware this is one swear word at the end, so viewers discretion advised).

The promo clip below is so funny where you see Noah messing around near the seat of the Daily Show, the set still shows Stewart’s name but Noah decides to take over the show thinking what it is going to be like when he takes over, but then Stewart is standing behind him and startles him. Noah jumps out of his skin.

What are your views on Trevor Noah taking over the Daily Show?

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