Productivity tips for social media marketers

Social media marketing is the process of gaining increased traffic to your website and business by attracting more attention as your users share and like your company with their friends and family. This means regularly utilising social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. to post content, pictures or videos that both sell your service or goods and are engaging and appealing to your audience.

Social media marketing can be a very busy and stressful thing to do, especially if you do not have a big marketing team to support you, and/or you have little experience in managing a social media marketing campaign. Regardless of how experienced you are in social media marketing there are always ways to improve your efficiency and expand your marketing campaign, here you will find some tips on enhancing the productivity of your social media marketing campaign.

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Use an online, colour coded calendar:

When it comes to social media marketing organisation is essential. Social media campaigns only work effectively when posts and updates are made regularly to social media sites, thus retaining and therefore growing audience engagement. However, if you are managing campaigns on a few separate social media sites, it may be difficult for you to keep on top of which sites you have updated and which ones you haven’t.

This is where a colour coded calendar can prove extremely useful, you can assign a colour to each campaign and set yourself tasks and memos to remind yourself what needs to be done in each campaign and on each site. Online calendars are particularly useful for anyone working in collaboration with someone else or with a team of marketers as it allows easy sharing of information and tasks and updates as each task is completed.

There are a number of platforms where you can use an online colour coded calendar the most popular of which is Share Point 2013, if you never used it check out this article for some guidelines.

Use content curation tools:

Social media marketing is dependent on meaningful and engaging content that is relevant to your business; however, it can take hours and hours to find this information manually. Content curation tools are designed to do all the hard work for you, sorting through the content on the web to find information based around a specified theme, and publishing this information in an easy to read way. Some of the best content curation tools include Swayy, Beatrix, BuzzSumo, Triberr, Social Buzz Club and Viral Content Buzz, and many more.

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Schedule your posts in advance:

Facebook and other social media sites allow you to schedule your posts for a specified time and day, weeks in advance, so you do to have to worry about doing it. You will quickly find that your desired audience engages more at specific times and on certain days; furthermore, research indicates users prefer regularity in their posts. Therefore, you will want to make sure you are prepared with content to engage them at this time, scheduling your posts does just this. There are tools available that make post scheduling much easier, including, HootSuite, MarketMeSuite, CoSchedule and SMQueue.

Get analytical:

As daunting as they might first appear, the analytics of your social media sites, and the understanding of these can really help in improving the efficiency of your marketing campaign. The easiest way to organise and understand the analytics of your social media sites is to create an analytics dashboard using applications such as Sumall, Cyfe and Netvibes.

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