GTA 5 server woes for PSN, PS3 players

Complaints are pouring in from PS3 players today reporting GTA 5 won’t load online, majority are saying they are signed in on PSN but GTA Online says they are not.

GTA 5 server woes for PSN seems to be carrying on leaving PS3 players in the dark and unable to play online. It is a little strange when you visit both Rockstar and PSN server status pages and both say all is well and everything is up and running.

GTA 5 server woes for PSN, PS3 players pic 1

If you look at the Rockstar support GTA V online server status page is says all is running well including PlayStation 3, all updated May 12, 2015.

GTA 5 server woes for PSN, PS3 players pic 2

One PlayStation 3 player said, “Can’t start GTA Online, keeps saying sign in,” another said, can’t connect to GTA online on my PS3.” So it is definitely a problem with PS3 players only, we have looked into this further and cannot find any issues with Xbox One or PS4 players.

Are you having issues with Grand Theft Auto V PS3 online game not working?

GTA 5 server woes for PSN, PS3 players

  • rui

    Im one of those that it wont go online. Hope they fix this fast!

    • sam


  • Wouter Bolderdijk

    Keeps saying i need to log in while i clearly am. restarted and logged out etc but doesnt help, clearly a rockstar issue

    Last night i noticed i got a lot “timed out while loading” issues, so i thought there was gonna be an update today.

  • stefanus ॐ

    been offline for the entire day so far as I know.

  • carlos

    what i find weird is that i also went on the social club page and i cant sign in there

  • erica kimber

    None of my friends can get on either they all say log in but we are

    • carlos

      does it let you sign into social club on computer

  • Amy

    Mine isn’t working 😒

  • Joe Smo

    Fix it already you morons!

    • dragon

      no they didnt cause i still cant play online

  • Manny

    still down

  • Nano

    Hey enyone know what happened

  • Rachael

    This sucks. I wanna play so bad.

  • Yasmin

    Really wanna play, they seriously need to fix this.

  • K

    Me and my boy are bored shitless here. :/

  • Mozibul Islam

    it wont let me it just loads loading story mode. when im at story mode and change character to online character it says not connected to psn. i signed out then signed in and still same thing happen

  • Juan Doe

    been this way for me all day!!! WTF!!!

  • Cupcake

    I’m so angry about this… gta is life lol , this better work 2moro … Or later lol

    • Rachael

      You and me both. #GTAAddict, lol

  • Rachael


  • Cupcake

    YESSSSS ITS BACKKKKKKK !!!! Thanks @Rachael been waitin for that comment ! Lool

    • Rachael



    It’s ok guys rockstar is updateing and where coming out with a H______ R____ DLC

  • jimbobjamiebob

    who plays ps3 POOR people Lmfao….stop begin poor and upgrade like the rest of us

    • d

      Doesnt make you poor to have a ps3 i have both just might be they dont want to upgrade

  • tigrik365

    chcel bi som sa spitat ako sa robi sign up na ps3 vzdi tam dam email a pi mi tam instruction email chcem radu

  • Troy

    Yes it’s been saying loading for 20 mins but I can hear the people online chatting n I got angry n turn the system off on both tried now I’m trying again for the third time August 27, 2021 at 6:09 am