Making the world better with social media

Social media and networking sites have quickly taken over the globe, individuals from all over the globe have created their very own profile, allowing them to share their special moments with the world. However, social media isn’t just about the fun-factor, there are many ways in which social media sites have actually made the world a better place for us to live in, giving us opportunities we never had before. Most businesses are using social media sites to engage with their customer and promote their services and goods.

Social media is ever changing and evolving, it’s quite interesting how the demographics for each network are changing with teens abandoning Facebook in favour of new more exciting platforms like Snapchat. Let’s face it; if your parents are using it, it’s probably not cool. Here you will find a few examples of the ways in which social media has, and is continuing to make the world a better place: -

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Revolution revitalised: social media has bought back the 1960’s/70’s tradition of campaigning and protesting for worthy causes, giving the community a voice, which is particularly important for those living in a dictatorship. There have been many successful protests over the years, including the campaign started in 2011 where social media was used to gain attention and organise marches to express the desire for Egypt to finally be free of dictator Hosni Mubarak. In February 2011 the dictator finally stepped down.

News unfiltered: thanks to social media we are much more aware of everything that is going on all around the world, even those stories that are yet to appear in mainstream news. We not only get the news quicker than ever before, but we get more witness pictures and videos to view and a more diverse view of worldwide issues.

A fundraising tool: social media is a fantastic way of increasing the awareness of and worthy causes and successfully fundraising hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. Many non-profit organisations such as the Red Cross, UNICEF and Water is Life have taken to social media sites with massive success. Social media sites are perfect for fundraising as they provide an easy way to promote a fundraising campaign to potentially millions of people, entirely for free.

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Saving lives: social media sites have become popularly become popular with people who requiring an organ donation or looking for a blood type match, with many successes including one case of a kidney donor being found on Facebook, saving a patient’s life. With so many people viewing social media sites crimes and concerns are reported quicker and more freely to the emergency services, people are able to share local incidents, which encourages more witnesses to come forward and keep people safe.

Brings the world together: in times of crisis, such as in the wake of a hurricane for example, countries/cities/towns may need a great deal of help, from monetary donations to those of food, water, shelter and even emotional support. Social media has brought the world closer together, enabling more people to see the different ways in which they can help and feel more motivated to do so, while also follow the crisis and see the latest news.

Though there are of course many negative things about social media, there are also many positive things too. Social media can be used as a powerful tool for doing amazing and positive things that impact the world for the better, and in many ways it can bring out the best (and potentially the worst) in all of us. Social media, like the world, is what we make it.

How do you feel about social media?

Making the world better with social media